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    ES Coverage Redskins vs Cowboys (Audio & Write-up)

    From the sidelines today, the Skins just looked overmatched and out of it compared to Dallas who looked like an overall solid unit.

    When Dallas was marching down the field in the 2nd quarter and in the red zone, IIRC, they lined up a trips left with Elliott out wide and it totally threw off the Skins defense resulting in us having to take a time out.  I might have the personnel that Dallas lined up wrong but I could tell that the defense had no idea what to do to cover it.  Anything remotely exotic or out of the box, our guys were looking at the sidelines for instructions like they were lost.

    Cousins can't throw the back shoulder fade.  It's just not gonna work.  

    Not targeting Reed much in the red zone.  

    Pretty sad overall.  0-2 and I'm not sure how our defense is going to cover Beckham, Shepard and Cruz next week.  

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    Things I Think I Think. I Think...

    Witten is one of those guys who's always given us fits.  I agree, that won't change.  Not worried about Dez as Breeland has always defended him well.

    Dallas had a hard time getting Elliott started, Alf was the most effective guy they had.  For all their talk of such a dominant offensive line, I don't believe the hype.  I think we sacked Kellen Moore 4 or 5 times on the last game of the season and they couldn't run it against us. I agree with Hap, Alf is hard to bring down.  Outside of Witten, he's the one that scares me the most. 

    I think it'll be a close game.  Maybe a low scoring, boring affair but I think we come out on top in a squeaker.  

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  1. Scot knocked it out of the park last year, no doubt.  Maybe we should realize that not every draft class is going to be as good/productive as 2015.  

    Scherff, Preston Smith, Matt Jones, Crowder, Kouandijo, Spaight, Jarrett, Tevin Mitchell, Evan Spencer and Austin Reiter.

    That's pretty damn good.  A starting offensive lineman who looks like he could be a stalwart, a beast LB who was in double digit sacks, an arguable 1st string running back, a rookie WR who set the rookie pass catching record for us....Kouandijo has been looked at as someone who could be a contributor, Spaight looks like he's going to pay big dividends this year and Jarrett contributed largely last year, probably would have made the team this year if it wasn't for the injury.

    It's not always going to be that good.  From that list, I count 5 guys that could be long term significant contributors to this team and if you wanted to count Jarrett it could have been six.   And I'm not even counting Kouandijo.  

    I think part of the reason people may be disgruntled is because Scot set the bar so high in year one.  

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