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  1. 1.65 for gas at the corner market here.  It's a cruel trick, gas prices are plummeting and we can't really go anywhere.


    I did go for a drive yesterday evening though, just to get out.  Didn't stop anywhere, didn't see anyone.  Just about 30 minutes in the car on some country roads.  Felt good to get out and drive.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, tshile said:

    there is at least one doctor in Italy claiming this was first seen in Italy in November. 

    I expected that piece of information to take off but it never did. 

    would fit with what you’re saying


    I've got a friend who's a nurse out in our area, she says she thinks this came through our area in January.  She works in the ICU.  Told me that they had a bunch of people come through that were sicker than **** but none of them tested positive for the flu.  No one could figure out what it was.  

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  3. 25 minutes ago, Mr. Sinister said:


    "Boredom " isn't quite the right word. "Distracted" is probably closer to the word I'm looking for. For awhile now, Ive been so used to 100% making the most of the limited entertainment time that I had, that when I finally have plenty of time, I don't really know what to do with it


    Everything I did was routine oriented, and now that there's so many moments where I can ad-lib and chill out, I'm finding it difficult to sit still and just ****ing pick something to do.  I was always moving on to the next thing, whatever that thing was, and now my "Thing" is to literally sit at my computer in my room and "Work," and do basically nothing else of note from a leaving the house standpoint. No gym, no dating, no trips to the barber shop, no going out with friends/co-workers, etc.


    But all the shows and games and movies I've regrettably missed over the years? It's all here. It's like getting 3 wishes from a sneaky cable god/djinn.


    You get what you want (sort of) by giving up something you cherish in return.


    For me, the routine of making a list the night before with all the stuff I have to do the next day helps.  There's a small satisfaction in crossing things off throughout the day and crumpling up the list at the end of the day.  I use a post-it note, if I need more than one then that usually means there's too much **** to do and I need to re-prioritize everything.  

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  4. Great, Top Gun 2 has been pushed back to Christmas.  Was hoping they'd release it on iTunes in June.  


    18 minutes ago, LadySkinsFan said:

    I'll try Costco next week. I overslept this morning to try to get in during senior hour. 


    Quite possibly the most senior sentence ever written :ols:

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  5. 54 minutes ago, Fresh8686 said:


    These are hard as ****. I used to do these too, but for us the jokers meant you had to re-do the last 5 cards you discarded. Our exercises were pull-ups, push-ups, burpies, and I can't remember what the last one was.


    Oh ****, using the jokers for that is a good idea.  I might try that tomorrow.


    Last time I did this was last summer when I was in a hotel on a road trip and I don't remember it being this hard.  I forget the exercises that I did but I also didn't have access to a pull up bar and kettlebells.  

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  6. Pretty grueling workout this morning (INSIDE @Renegade7,) 52 card pickup.  


    Take a deck of cards, shuffle them up.  Pick 4 exercises, each card represents the number of reps you need to do for each exercises.  Aces and face cards can be whatever you want, I made them 10 reps each.  For this morning it was:


    Diamonds:  Pull-ups

    Hearts:  Kettlebell swings

    Clubs:  Ab Wheel roll outs

    Spades:  Push-ups

    Jokers were 10 overhand pull-ups, wide grip


    It was a ****.  But a good way to keep things different.


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  7. 17 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    Many golf courses have adopted rules that prevent touching the flagstick, including putting a piece of a pool noodle at the bottom of the cup so the ball doesn’t drop to the bottom, they are sanitizing all the carts after use, no pairs in carts, only allowing online tee times so no going into the clubhouse, etc.


    It is an activity that can be done without being in close proximity of others.  

    WV is now the last man standing for golf in the area and I’m sure will be shutdown soon because MD and VA folks will come here.


    It's an activity that can be done without being in close proximity of others, unless you want to push your opponent in the water.  Then you gotta touch them, but only for a split second.  



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  8. 1 minute ago, PleaseBlitz said:

    They need to establish medical care facilities for people with non-virus related issues. I think I broke a bone in my wrist 3 weeks ago, but no way am I going anywhere with sick people to get it checked out. 


    Maybe you shouldn't have punched the Total Wine guy for messing up your order.  

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  9. 15 minutes ago, kfrankie said:

    In case anyone is wondering, the rate of increase in reported infections in the United States has now gone down for four straight days.

    Infections           New Infect.       Increase



    Now, many of you will look at these figures and say that its only been four days, that the total number of new infections has continued to rise, that death rate is what we should be watching, etc.  However, consider that there is more testing occurring now that there was in the preceding time period, so the expectation is that you should find more cases.  If the rate of increase continues to drop over the next three days, perhaps we have a trend.


    Where's that graph coming from?  

  10. Well just finished the final episode of Ozark and...holy ****.




    Wow, I didn't see Helen getting killed.  At least not right there.  Wendy stepped up big to end the war with the other cartel, that's something that Helen couldn't have done.  In doing so, Wendy proved her and Marty to be more indispensable than Helen.  And to keep the peace on his side and from Helen from killing the Byrdes, Navarro had to kill Helen.


    More curious about what's going to happen to Jonah.  They outlined the effects of Ben's bi-polar/mental health issues and Jonah seemed to exhibit those at the end.  He'd been a pretty even keeled character throughout, but the way he lashed out at Wendy when she came home, toting a shotgun over to Helen's and almost shooting her with it, the scene where he was playing with Ben's ashes and then wheels around and shoots the window out of his house...the actions seemed a bit like Ben's actions, not his.  The way he was laying on the bed with the pillow on his face kind of reminded me how Ben was laying down when he was with Ruth in a few episodes prior.  Maybe I'm looking too far into things but I think Jonah's going to have his own mental health issues to deal with next season.  I always thought Charlotte was going to be the problem between the two kids, not Jonah.


    Last but not least, agent Maya Miller.  I was trying to figure how her pregnancy was going to play a part in the storyline and it really didn't.  But they just didn't create that character to be pregnant for no reason.



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  11. Stayed up till 2 watching Ozark.  Classic case of "Just one more episode..."  I think there's only one or two more left.


    Another way it's different than Breaking Bad:  The women characters in Ozark are way better than any of the women characters in Breaking Bad.  Helen is stone cold ruthless.  Wendy gets her hands dirty.  Ruth gives no ****s.  Even Charlotte is pretty tough.  Skyler in Breaking had that streak where she was on board with Walt but once she realized there would be bloodshed and that Walt was close to violence she went in the opposite direction.  Marie was painted to be a clueless nag, nothing more.  


    Breaking Bad might be my favorite show ever but Ozark is quickly gaining.  I'm not sure if that's recency bias.  Good news is that there's plenty of time to watch Breaking Bad AND Ozark again if I wanted... 

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