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  1. This is going to be some wild **** and if we've learned anything about 2020, you can't predict anything.  I remember earlier this year I told my girlfriend that I didn't want to be in the country during election week.  That I wanted to vote early and GTFO November 2nd for a week or a week and a half and go on vacation somewhere.  Obviously that was pre-Covid so that's not really something that can happen.  Quite frankly, I don't want to go to an airport, get on an airplane, etc.  Maybe I'll get a cabin in the woods somewhere, something remote.  But I fear the worst and this is the only time I've ever been nervous about an election and the aftermath.  Trump is a ****ing madman, it's ridiculous.  And while that's scary enough, what's more scary is his base....that he's going to flail about and say a bunch of wild **** after he loses and his base will BELIEVE HIM.  

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  2. 2 minutes ago, -JB- said:

    Murray is overrated in my eyes.  He misses too much down the field much like Haskins.  The only different is his elusiveness in the pocket.  He made some downright awful throws yesterday.


    Yeah, but he kicked our ass and his team is 2-0.  We didn't have an answer for him for much of the game.  

  3. 1 minute ago, wit33 said:


    Many will point to the Cardinals outclassing the team on all levels, but for me it was 90% to do with the Cardinals having Murray and his legs to save plays when he can’t properly read the field or no one is open. 


    I agree.  Kyler and his ability to extend plays/be dangerous as a runner is what won that game for them yesterday, mostly.  He can get away from blitzing linebackers and d-lineman, he can make them miss, too.  IIRC, it was Landon Collins he got flat footed, too.  



  4. 6 minutes ago, Darrell Green Fan said:

    I agree they simply have to let Haskins play this year to find out what we have.  I don't think it's unreasonable that posters note the small sample size and lack of support, at the same time it's not unreasonable at all to doubt a QB many doubted on draft day.  His inaccuracy is not new, just as Jones fumbled in college Dwayne was not that accurate at OSU. He had a ton of short crossing patterns that turned into big gains, he was not making hard throws that often in college.  


    It blew my mind that the first time they attempted a short slant to McLaurin was in the 3rd or 4th quarter yesterday.


    If he can hit short crossing patterns, great.  They should be giving him more of those patterns in the games.

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  5. I think since football is becoming more comfortable with analytics, more teams are going to go for it on 4th as long as it's a 55+ yard field goal for the opponent when they take over.  And even more so if you have a shifty QB who can take off and get yards like Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray.  


    But if you don't like it, stop it.  

  6. 3 minutes ago, BRAVEONTHEWARPATH93 said:

    Has there been a post advocating benching him in this thread?? 

    Does mentioning he stinks now equal benching him? 


    I believe @Koolblue13said that in the game thread people were wanting him benched.


    But even if he does suck, the alternatives aren't demonstrably better, which is the point.  I'm not sure why anyone would object to giving Haskins 16 games this year.



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  7. 3 minutes ago, Destino said:

    Poor quality “supporting casts” don’t make great players look like bums.  Those teams will lose despite having a good player, but talent always shows.  We’ve all seen very good players on bad teams.  Does anyone really think Haskins looks like a good QB on a bad team?  

    Haskins needs to improve and the season is still young.  Kirk Cousins had a few seasons where he played like hot garbage early and then turned things around.  Maybe we’ll see something like that.  Maybe he can figure out the cause of his first half struggles and just start faster.  Who knows?  Bottom line however is that he’s played poorly.  We’re all rooting for the guy to turn it around.  


    Well, some people here certainly know.  Just ask them.


    It's hilarious that people would want to sit Haskins for...Kyle Allen.  Or an old Alex Smith who's got 25% of a knee left.  People are ****ing about Haskins incessantly and...what's the alternative?

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  8. I'm sure some people wouldn't be happy if he came in and started playing like Mahomes on Day 1.  Some people are just never happy no matter what.


    I've said before, I'm not a believer in Haskins but he needs time.  No one said he'd be amazing from Day 1.  It's unfair to expect that he would be.  


    In regards to accuracy, IMO that's the only thing that should really matter when looking for a quarterback.  If I'm ever picking a QB, I'm taking the most accurate guy in the draft.  Everything else is secondary.

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  9. Went for a walk with the girlfriend this morning, on our route we walk past the local high school and we're normally earlier than the kids that are headed in.  But today we were later than usual so on our route we walked past a lot of kids headed to school.


    One kid was riding a bike, one of those bikes with big fat tires and on the back of it he had a bluetooth speaker blasting Regulate by Warren G.  And then he stopped as he got closer to the school and turned it to Nuthin but a G Thang before he turned the corner and headed up to school.


    Made me smile.  

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  10. Just now, Koolblue13 said:



    I can't believe anyone would even mention drafting a QB early until we build up the Oline and TE. 




    You must be new here. 


    I'm not high on Haskins myself but the dude needs some time, had anyone been paying attention during the draft it was widely said that he wasn't a finished product just yet.  I'm not sure why people want to write him off just yet. Well, actually, I do know why...it's because people here are just used to QB controversy since there's been QB controversy for so long.  QB controversy is all they know, it's all they want to do.

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  11. The offense has played two games with two first halves that have had an alarming lack of alacrity.  


    Philly could be a **** team this year, they've certainly looked like it for two games at least.  So we were able to come back, the defense was able to keep them in check.  But you can't spot a team like the Cardinals 20 points and expect to come back.  Murray is making the leap and we didn't have an answer for him.


    I'd like to see this offense, flaws and all, play a first half like they've done the second half.  

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  12. 15 hours ago, Springfield said:

    That's a good point @purbeast. I've never done CrossFit though myself. It would probably kick my ass the first few times.


    I've been working out with better form and less weight. I'm talking bicep curls on and inclined bench at like 20-25 lbs. Isolating the biceps as much as possible. I've only been focusing on that specifically over the last month or so, but I really credit it to helping the biceps gains. Dumbbell bench press I've really been working on going slow while also adding progressively more weight.


    Right now my neck is ****ed. I think it's something I'm just going to be living with. My C5-6 disc has something wrong with it, I forget exactly what because the hell if I'm going to consider spinal surgery on my neck. But basically I have to be careful with how I exert myself. I was playing with the kids (5 and 4) and they were crawling all over me, hanging off of me and it really strained my neck. I stretch and message the upper back and neck muscles so damn much these days just to keep up my spinal mobility which helps (and overall helps in general). Stretching is key friends! ****ing key.


    Foam rolling?

  13. Giannis is amazing, too bad he's not been able to get it done in the playoffs.  I don't know if he'll be able to attract any big time free agents to come play with him in Milwaukee.  Chance to play with a generational talent in a state of the art arena but it's...Milwaukee.  

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