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  1. Been watching That 70s Show a good deal. Forgot how funny it is. Red is one of the great tv dads of all time.
  2. The game that requires more patience than most, has less action than most, trying to capture people with dangerously short attention spans as you (correctly) pointed out. It doesn't bode well. I dunno. It might be "fine" in the sense that it'll be back eventually, but I don't see it as being healthy as it once was. After the '94 strike it took someone breaking an unbreakable record that was 60+ years old and the rampant use of steroids so players could break home run records to get it back on track. They can't do that again.
  3. Man, you just aged yourself terribly. Whipping out Mary Tyler Moore references? What's next, quotes from Columbo or Rhoda?
  4. Didn't know you had a gif of @Jumbo and @TK. That's Jumbo swinging the hammer, btw.
  5. I know @TK has watched it, but the new version of Dynasty is trash tv at it's absolute finest.
  6. Covid is going to be the Secretariat of this thing when it's all over.
  7. Visualization chart of how Covid has ramped up since January. Not sure where the stats pull from though but it seems like the Covid stats are accurate.
  8. I've got a buddy who is a Redskins fan and...easily excitable. Hates Snyder. mess with him the other night when we were talking, I came up with the conspiracy theory of.... This turnaround/rebuild doesn't go as expected. The Redskins continue to plod along, 7-9 wins a year, maybe backing into the playoffs once or twice but never making things look easy. Fan interest continues to dwindle. Fed Ex continues to see less fans coming out, and when they do, they're NFCE fans. Snyder can't get his new stadium done in DC, doesn't want to pay for it (neither does the city/taxpayers) and points to lack of fan interest and...moves the team. Most teams that have moved seemingly do so due to not being able to get funding for a new stadium/lack of fan interest....I don't see that out of the realm of possibilities here. I mean, lack of fan interest and dwindling attendance is already becoming a significant problem. My buddy pointed out that Snyder grew up a Redskins fan, loves the heritage and the history. I pointed out that he's a thin skinned sissy (not in those words) who has shown time and time again that he doesn't care about the fans. And that if he continues to endure criticism and hatred, there's a chance he could give everyone the finger and take his ball and go home. He then brought up, "Well, where would he go?" San Antonio, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City, Portland, Raleigh Durham or Charlotte. Retread cities like St. Louis or San Diego or Oakland. And by the end of our talk, he was worked up that this is a real possibility. was I. Don't get me wrong, I'm not betting the farm on this...I'm not even betting the car. But strip emotion away from COULD happen...right?
  9. Man, keep your distance, I hope you don't work in close proximity. That's ****ed up that he's allowed back so quickly, especially when there's so much to be learned about this.
  10. Well tell him Spaceman Spiff said he's doing a ****ty ass job.
  11. Did MJ tell you that himself? I know you run in the same circles.
  12. The "Dad, how do I?" guy/story is really touching.
  13. Dude, I'd just like someone who isn't as old as dirt, is center left and can set a good tone. I don't think I'm asking for a lot here. I'm not a Bernie Bro. Matter of fact, @TryTheBeal! and I throw waterballoons at them from moving cars, you should come out sometime.
  14. Yep, it's a lot of speculation but the sources seem pretty legit:
  15. That's a terrible analogy. I'm just going to wait until Dan T. comes in with a worse one, like how I could leisurely walk down the stairs and land safely or fling myself down headfirst and be found laying there hours later in a pool of my own blood with a broken neck as a symbol of what Donald Trump has done to this country. Or some other comparison full of histrionics, like why I should car jack an old lady's Rascal scooter on the way to the ballot box so I can vote for anyone but Trump and cancel out her vote. Or tell me why I'm such a bad person because I think I should actually like and feel good about who I cast a ballot for. Until then, let's keep coming up with terrible analogies. I'm willing to bet that you can do better than the sandwich dilemma.
  16. Read: I could also sit this one out if they Dems don't nominate someone who's decent. I know, I know, I know "OMG NOT VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRAT IS A VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!" Which is vice versa of what hardcore MAGA Trumpers say when you tell them you can sit the election out, too. "YOU'RE JUST VOTING FOR THE LIBERAL IF YOU DON'T VOTE FOR TRUMP!" No, I'm (possibly) not voting for anyone.
  17. C'mon man, have you been living in America for the past few decades? Lying under oath isn't a big deal. Try to keep up.
  18. I said it in this thread earlier, I will double down on it here. The DNC comes around and puts someone else up, they'll eventually realize that they can't have Biden and his gaffes. But if they let him run, he better pick a good running mate. It's arguably the most important thing he can do.
  19. I'm having a hard time understanding why old teammates are coming out and blasting Jordan for what's been portrayed here. Specifically in regards to Pippen. Pretty sure he called Pippen his best teammate ever. Pippen admitted that he didn't want to **** up his summer for knee surgery prior to the final season, Jordan called him selfish. I don't think Pippen was NOT being selfish, he absolutely was. He put himself before the team. But he was adored by his teammates so they overlooked it. They rehashed Pippen not taking the shot in the '94 Playoffs, sitting on the bench to let Kukoc take it. And then if asked if he had to do it all over again, he DOUBLED DOWN and said he wouldn't change anything? Also pretty sure in the last episode they gave Pippen some shine when he gutted out a game with his back injury and talked about how he stepped up. Pippen did some self inflicted damage to himself. It's part of the story. The documentary doesn't overlook it or shy away from it. In regards to Jordan, yeah he was a bully but...didn't we all know that?
  20. That Hillary was good enough to win the general election but lose on a technicality?
  21. I don't think I said "Well, the Dems can't find anyone better so I guess I gotta vote for Trump!" Better get that ringing in your ears checked.
  22. I don't think Biden is a racist, not at all. But I just think it shows a lack of awareness that's troubling.