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  1. Beat me to it. He played that role on that show "You" which is on Netflix. Sad, if true. I liked him, his newest special was really good, I thought.
  2. Hoo, boy. I hope someone reminds you of that next time you make a derogatory comment about a specific group of people.
  3. Looks like Kyrie's doing a better job of that from the bench.
  4. Da 5 Bloods, the new Spike Lee movie that's on Netflix. It's good. Only quibble is Spike trying to address pretty much every societal issue that's happening right now instead of just focusing on or two. One second it's multiple angles about Vietnam and the fallout, the next it's Trump, the next it's BLM, the next it's the opioid epidemic...all serious topics, all would deserve more time than they get. But it's a good movie. 5 African American Vietnam vets return to Vietnam to search for some buried gold bricks that were left behind, also to search for the remains of a friend that was killed in action. They all have their own issues to reconcile. It's probably too early to say about who deserves an Oscar nomination but Delroy Lindo absolutely deserves to be in the conversation.
  5. I know that nature balances everything but I gotta wonder if it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if Mosquitos and no see ums vanished off the face of the earth.
  6. The band Lady Antebellum, rushing to appear woke and before anyone can put pressure on them to change their name...changes their name to Lady A, not bothering to check if anyone else was using that name. Well, there is. And she's a 61 year old African American blues singer who's been using that name for years.
  7. Also all over Twitter, Torrance Racist Karen.
  8. Robert Fuller issue in Palmdale is pretty alarming, to say the least. African American kid found hanging from a tree. Cops are saying it's a suicide. He was hanged near City Hall. Twitter is all over it.
  9. This should be a good documentary. The result is The Atlantic’s first-ever feature-length documentary, White Noise, which focuses on the lives of three far-right figures: Mike Cernovich, a conspiracy theorist and a sex blogger turned media entrepreneur; Lauren Southern, an anti-feminist, anti-immigration YouTube star; and Richard Spencer, a white-power ideologue. J.M. Berger: Trump is the glue that binds the alt-right Progressives like to believe that racism is an opiate of the ignorant. But the alt-right’s leaders are educated and wealthy, groomed at some of America’s most prestigious institutions. The more time I spent documenting the movement, the more ubiquitous I realized it was. I bumped into one subject dancing in Bushwick with his Asian girlfriend, and another walking around DuPont Circle hitting a vape. Their racism is woven into the fabric of New York, Washington, D.C., and Paris, just as much as Birmingham, Alabama, or Little Rock, Arkansas.
  10. Didn't see this posted
  11. I've always felt that "woke" isn't really so much about the individual that the woke compliment is being bestowed upon. Rather, it's the person doing the complimenting patting themselves on the back and saying they're woke, because in order say someone else is, you've gotta understand it and be a part of it yourself. It's not so much saying that someone else is woke, it's bragging that you are, too.
  12. Oh no no no. I mean, yes. But after Cousins and his agent are followed by the current Falwell and the Liberty University marching band.
  13. Brookeville, MD. Like 20 minutes or so away. One of the best burgers I've ever had, really good prices. The ladies on the grill are characters, very fun to banter with. They make breakfast too, I've had their pancakes and they're delicious as well.
  14. Rolled through Damascus a couple weeks ago. Man, you're not too far from Sunshine General Store. Treat yourself.
  15. 70's Barracuda, all the way. Watching that guy talk is so painful. It's like he's he's holding in a giant **** and isn't sure if he can make it through his sentence so he's having this debate inside his head about whether or not to keep talking or if he needs to find the closest bathroom.
  16. While we're here, someone also remove Trump's star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, please.
  17. Every time I see Ben Carson speak I want to slam my dick in a car door.
  18. If I see another commercial that starts with "These days...." like it's a ****ing wink and a nod.... I watched the Netflix documentary, it's good. It's well produced. There are a lot of things that will make your skin crawl. The thing that no one seems to be able to really know is how he made his money. People seem to think that he was just paid in order to keep his mouth shut as he trafficked underage girls. I think there may be something to that.
  19. Pushups and pull ups man. Don't need any weights.
  20. My gym is re-opening this week. No way I'm going back.
  21. Glad they got the dude on the bike, **** that guy. And he is was an exec-VP at some bougie looking brand management company...that seems a bit ironic.
  22. Those of us who've been to college can pat ourselves on the back and say that the world would be a better place if everyone went to college just like us. I'm not sure how that would make policing better...yes, college can open you up to different backgrounds and beliefs and make you a more understanding person, but that's not everyone's experience. You can still have gone to college and be a violent douchebag. Or dig in your heels and not be receptive to being open minded. A quick anecdote, I went to a small, private college in North Carolina for my first 2.5 years of school. I was supposed to play baseball there and quit in the first two weeks, I was just burned out and couldn't take it much more. However, that allowed me to live in the dorm where a lot of the athletes were so I got to know a lot of them. Pretty sure most of the guys on my hall were on the football team. Anyway, one night at a party on the quad one of the football players, a big white guy from a verrrrry rural part of NC decided it'd be fun to get his bullwhip out while drinkingand start playing around with it. So there he is in the middle of the quad, cracking his whip and having himself a grand time, not a care in the world. The black kids that were there, needless to say, were mortified. Scared. And the guy cracking the whip didn't understand why. In regards to policing, I would like to see if there'd be a way to test for a predisposition to resorting to violence as an answer when there's clearly better options. And, obviously who has racist leanings/thoughts.