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  1. I really like Netflix, there's some great **** on here. But by and large, it's a vast wasteland. There are so many movies and tv shows on here that I'm not even remotely interested in watching. Maybe I'm being picky but I don't think that I am.
  2. Ben's just isn't that good. I mean it's alright but it's not the life changing experience I was lead to believe that it was going to be. Cool DC history but other than that, not all that amazing. Wonder how much longer that portrait of him is going to be in the alleyway is the real question here.
  3. Hockey's not accessible. Most every kid in America grew up throwing around a football, a baseball or shooting hoops, practically no kid grows up shooting a hockey puck. Even if you want to bring street hockey into the equation, not a lot of kids do that. You don't need anyone to practice a jump shot with. You can throw a baseball against a wall or a pitchback. You only need a friend to throw a football with. Hockey? Not so sure. I don't think I've ever seen anyone practicing their slapshot in a driveway but I've seen a ton of kids practicing a jump shot or playing one on one. Agreed with the above poster too, it's only hockey fans that get this way. NASCAR fans don't seem to care. And like NASCAR, people watch hockey for fights, like you'd only watch a NASCAR highlight for a crash. Count me in as someone who'd rather listen to the most boring mundane offseason Redskins talk instead of how the Caps won 3-2 on a late Ovechkin goal. I'm changing the channel whenever I hear the Caps come up.
  4. This whole Bill Walton thing is ****ing ridiculous. He makes a dumb joke on the air about "majoring in biology on sorority row" while he was at UCLA and all of a sudden it's a big commentary about campus rape. This isn't some Bill Cosby ****, there's no one coming to the surface saying Bill Walton raped anyone.
  5. That's a cool site but I clicked around for a min or two and couldn't figure out what happened. But you can google will smith independence day 2 and you'll see "what happened". IMO, it's not much of a sequel without him.
  6. Prepare for an uptick in the name debate. I've always said that this is a disingenuous topic for a lot of people. This whole debate didn't pick up steam until after 2012 when RG3 was hot, selling a lot of jerseys, we won the division and had multiple appearances on national TV across 2012 and 2013. No one cares about this debate as much when the Redskins are 4-12 and not in the public consciousness. No one cared about it during the previous decade when we had a losing record practically every year. There's no platform for dumbass Bob Costas to espouse his thoughts on national TV when the Redskins aren't winning and we're flying under the radar. Monday Night Football against Dallas, sitting in first place this late in the season? It'll be back on people's minds. Look for more mentions of it on TV and in the media over the next week or so.
  7. Finished Jessica Jones, loved it. Netflix can't come out with the rest fast enough. I was never huge into comic books but these shows are great. I think I'm going to go back and watch Daredevil now.
  8. I think one of the things I like most about Jessica Jones is that she doesn't rely on her superpowers too much. Can only think of a handful of times where she's jumped. She's flexed some muscle and kicked some ass, but not at an annoying rate. It's really about her smarts.
  9. I'll finish Jessica Jones by the end of the weekend at this rate. Really good stuff.
  10. Yes! Yes, presumptuous is the exact word to describe it.
  11. I think I've hated any letter that I've ever seen that ends with "Thank you for understanding." Just got home from a vacation and saw this note in the buildings elevator that was some noise about the power being turned off for a day coming soon, about what an inconvenience it'll be, etc, but it's necessary because blah blah blah.... and it ends "Thank you for understanding" No, I don't understand. I mean, I guess I have to, but that phrase at the end is just annoying as ****.
  12. This thread is so funny. Who do you guys actually LIKE on sports talk radio in DC? Seems like everyone thinks that: - Chad Dukes is a giant douche - Grant and Danny are annoying - B-Mitch is a hater - JReid just sucks at everything, thankfully he's gone - Sports Junkies are obnoxious and don't really know much about anything - UnWise Mike is a race baiting dickhead - Czabe is a douche - Loverro and Sheehan just nitpick all day and look for soundclips to blow out of proportion - I LOVE COOLEY AND HIS BREAKDOWNS I mean...why even bother listening to sports talk radio in the DMV if you feel this way? Unless you're a masochist and love to listen to what you hate because it riles up the blood.
  13. I wasn't really talking about alcohol and the potential of what harm it can do. I wasn't trying to correlate the fact that a 16 year old with a Budweiser is the same as someone with a gun and bad intentions. Merely pointing out that age limits and prohibition don't stop people from getting what they want.
  14. Society has changed for sure, but I also think it starts at home with family. Another thing that has skyrocketed over the years is the divorce rate. Medication for kids, anti-depressents. Sounds like good old conservative family values, doesn't it? Cheesy and as easy to mock as it is, I bet coming from a good, stable environment is a pretty good deterrent for this.
  15. We sure did. Something's happened in the past...50 years? An increase in violence in the movies we watch (as I'm typing here I'm watching Jason Bourne shoot up a bunch of bad guys trying to kill him), video games, sensationalism. I do think there's an aspect of most of these shootings which is the outsider that wants to be heard. The nerds that got picked on who want revenge against the popular kids and athletes, the socially awkward kid who locked himself in his room and played Warcraft who was just overall anti-social. Everyone can be heard these days, everyone has a voice. There's facebook, there's twitter. But if you really want to get noticed, it's sure to get some media attention if you commit a heinous shooting. I guarantee there's some people out there today who saw this on TV all day and got the crazy idea to do something similar in their head. I think it all has to do with some combination of everything above. We didn't have those things 50 years ago, but we do today. They're not going anywhere so the question then becomes how to work with what we have to prevent more of these things from happening. Sadly, the answers aren't going to be easy. Sure, but I bet if you rrrreaaalllly wanted that beer before you were 21 you knew exactly where to go to get it.
  16. Prohibition just doesn't work. It hasn't worked for alcohol, it hasn't worked for drugs. Anyone in here who's smoked a joint or had a beer before age 21 can attest to that. I think the answer to most problems starts with education. Sadly, the NRA would be the first place to go to educate people on gun safety but anyone who isn't way conservative just scoffs at that idea because NRA=awful lobbyists, not my party, right wing assholes, etc. It's more fun and easier to paint them in a negative light than look at what they have to offer. I've said it before, I'll say it again. My dad grew up on a farm in Delaware, hunting all the time. I grew up with it, too, not to the extent that he did but I've been on my fair share of hunting trips. I like shooting birds, big game freaks me out. Growing up, the guns were always in a giant safe, I never knew the combination and I still don't. I heard over and over and over that they're not toys, they're not to be played with, I'm not to show them to my friends, always treat it like it's loaded....I can't tell you how many times I heard that. Surprise, surprise, I've never had a gun accident and I've never had the urge to shoot up a school. It's also not surprising to me to hear people who've never been around guns to say how much they hate them, they should be banned, etc. That's fine, I wouldn't expect them to say anything different. I just wonder what'd happen if people took the time to explain to kids that guns aren't toys, to teach them the same lessons that my father taught me and that hundreds of thousands of parents have taught their kids. Even if you're anti-gun, do you take the time to tell your kids about them? Do you take the time to say, "Hey, if you're at a friends house and your friend goes searching for his dads gun you get the hell out of the house?" Or is it just easier to say "BAN GUNS!" and get all excited for a few days until the next shooting happens? So much time is spent these days making sure that people are educated for various things. I keep seeing online how people need to be educated about LGBT lifestyles so those people are accepted by society (as they should be). But that makes people feel good, it makes them all warm and tingly inside to make sure others are accepted in society and that's a fairly easy thing to promote. But there's never an attempt to teach people about firearms and gun safety. Gun safety, by the way, doesn't just mean when the gun is in your hand. It means where it's stored and who has access to it. Out of all these shooting I'd be really curious to know how many of the shooters have gained access to their guns legally, the right way as opposed to purchasing it on the black market, finding it in someones closet or some other way.
  17. **** that ****. I live in an apartment building, 2nd floor way up off the ground which is awesome cause there are no bugs or spiders to be found...but even I have my feet up off the ground after seeing that.
  18. Sounds awesome. Good luck with that pile of dirty clothes if that ****er gets out.
  19. I think I'm the only one who wasn't bothered by what Carter had to say. He made the mistake of saying it to an entire group of people that was being recorded, but it was the same thing he'd probably say to any one of those rookies in a private environment. I don't necessarily think it was bad advice, either. It amazes me how people just love to bash the DC sports talk radio. It's like a favorite past time. If you go by this thread, everyone on every station is a horrible asshole who should jump off a cliff, yet somehow people are paying attention and they're getting ratings. Chad Dukes must be like the Nickelback of DC sports talk radio. Everyone hates him, no one listens to him but apparently he's still getting ratings.
  20. I agree with this. I've often wondered how much stuff like the firing of a manager/coach and the benching of a player picks up steam. I think a lot of it has to do with sports talk radio. If they don't start it, they certainly ramp it up and add flame to the fire.
  21. I'm not sure what's a bigger DC pastime, talking about the Redskins or talking about people on the radio who talk about the Redskins.
  22. Do you still take a shot at Durant if he's hobbled with the same foot injury this year?