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  1. i just hope we keep the colors. I like red white and blue but I'm afraid if they went that way we'd look like an XFL team or something. I think we'll have an answer this week, though. At least some other big news, like a list of names to vote on. There's a lot of momentum here.
  2. Why would you bail? You'd give up all the time you've spent on this team (and it's a lot, I've been reading your stuff for years) because of a name change? You wouldn't want to watch Chase Young? You wouldn't want to cheer for Ryan Kerrigan or Terry McLaurin? I find that hard to believe.
  3. I wouldn't mind military themed but that photo almost gave me a seizure. There's beauty in simplicity, it doesn't need to be over the top.
  4. I agree. I mean, whether it goes against the agreement that the NFL has with Nike is pretty much irrelevant. It's the court of public opinion that counts, especially on an issue like this. Yep, big poker game here.
  5. Well Snyder could make a stink about it, in fact I bet he will. And then what does the NFL do, do they side with one of their owners or Nike?
  6. It's cool that Nike did that but...I mean, they have a licensing agreement with the NFL. Can they legally just stop selling one team's merchandise based on the fact that they don't like the name? I can't imagine that.
  7. One of my favs. Discusses the CTE issue about 15 years before the NFL pretended to care about it, other issues too. Pacino is good in it, does a lot of Pacino things. Foxx is good, too. Whole cast does pretty well, IMO.
  8. Had it been about money, he should have changed it already. Changing the name and the logo (done properly, not if we became the Sea Dogs or something stupid) would have been a big cash grab. Think of all the merchandise people would have to run out and buy. Think about all the newfound focus on his team. It most likely would have made him money.
  9. I will say that I believe this to be true, even though I'm for the name change. The first time I can recall a debate about the team name was before the Super Bowl against the Bills. I was 10 and I didn't care. The second time this debate got really heated was when RG3 was here. He lead the league in jersey sales, we were one of the hottest teams in the league and all of a sudden we had a bunch of prime time games the following season and somewhat of a national following. Snyder stoked the flames by vowing never to change it but it died down, not coincidentally when RG3 wasn't effective and we regained our place in the bottom of the NFC East and drifted off the map of social consciousness. And now here we are again. I don't need to rehash what has happened in the last couple of months but to use your words it's "politically expedient."
  10. Beginning of the end of...what? Being a sorry ass sack of a franchise? Maybe if we get a new name we can shake off some of this nasty stank that this franchise has been carrying since the mid 90s. I don't know man, I'd still have rooted for this team growing up if they had a different name and logo to begin with. Pretty sure all of us would have, too. I don't care that Rypien, Monk, Clark, Sanders, Green, Jacoby, Mann, Marshall, etc played for the Redskins...I cared that they played for WASHINGTON. I cared that they played for the team that represented the DC area. I used to be firmly anti-name change, now I'm kinda for it. I think it'd breathe some fresh air into a moribund franchise...but yikes. What the Bullets did scares me. The Wizards is a terrible name. I like our colors. I like our uniforms. I just...don't really trust anyone (especially Dan Snyder or anyone he comes in contact with) to come up with something good. Look at the ridiculousness that the Rams came out with earlier this year for example. They had some pretty sweet looking uniforms and colors and went and crapped all over it. I don't know, I don't know how he'd go about changing it. I don't know what kind of slick marketing agency would be brought in to handle it, probably some people that have never watched a game of football before and don't know anything about this franchise.
  11. I would like to agree but I don't think it will. IMO, it just boils down to more of our societal decay. I mean, we can point at Trump all day and cry about a lack of leadership but in many ways, IMO, he's just a symptom of a larger problem. There's no social discipline anywhere to be found in this country that doesn't last longer than the blink of an eye. People can't be told to wear a mask and actually do it. People can't have the discipline to stay home unless going out is absolutely necessary. People can't practice social distancing. People can't sacrifice their summer vacation or spring break plans because...well, why should we? It boils down to a lack of discipline, respect for your fellow man, the inability to sacrifice anything that's frivolous for any amount of time because of sheer selfishness. I don't know where we went wrong. Probably somewhere around the advent of social media though is my guess.
  12. I don't mind subtitles usually but I wasn't in the mood to read them late last night but I powered through and I'm glad I did. The French one is arguably the biggest mindblower of the group to me. The alien abduction one is really cool too but that French one is crazy.
  13. Those kids having covid parties just need to go play in traffic. This is a total get off my lawn statement but these kids these days think they're so ****ing smart and that they're going to change the world, like every young generation does. But they're softer than puppy ****, they're dumb and selfish which is fine if you're going to screw up your own life but when there's a global pandemic going on and you're whining about not going to beach week so you can't show off your fabulous life on Instagram...well, you're dumb. He's an evil Sith lord.