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  1. Skip Bayless has to be one of the absolute dumbest people in sports media today. He's the absolute worst. I can't tell if he really believes the stuff he says or if it's just schtick but whatever it is, it's asinine.
  2. I wonder if they'd have to tear down RFK and build something totally new...or if they could just renovate the hell out of it and make it really nice. I'm assuming a total teardown and a fancy new stadium is what'll happen, but it'd be awesome to watch a Redskins game at RFK again.
  3. As much as I'd love to see some football this year...I just don't think it's a smart thing to do. Too many players and too many coaches, team staff, officials, etc, around. It's entirely too complicated to make it happen in a reasonable, safe way. I made it this far without sports this year, I can keep going. It sucks, but it is what it is at this point.
  4. I had no idea we almost traded Darrell Green for John Elway in '89.
  5. I don't disagree, but I think what you also saw there was an elitist doing what she thought her due diligence was in trying to distance herself from Epstein/Maxwell and it backfired on her. She was essentially saying "I was in a room with them, I knew she was a bad person, so I didn't associate with her JUST IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING HOW MORALLY VIRTUOUS I AM. I can't speak for everyone else who was there, I didn't invite her but, just so you know, I've got good moral standards." She could have easily not tweeted anything and no one would have cared, but Ellen Pao wanted everyone to know what side she was on. Just in case you were wondering.
  6. I also saw that Ellen Pao went to Harvard, also went to Princeton. I'm sure she's really smart. She also has to be in the running for being one of the dumbest smart people around.
  7. Agreed, it's possible to get a game nationally because of the name change the NFL might want to highlight it and tell the story. Maybe they could get a flex game later in the season if that's still a thing, but only if the opponent is in the playoff hunt and they need a win against us to either get in or keep their chances alive. I don't think we outright get a nationally televised game strictly based off the name change. But their national televised record is so terrible, I don't want that. They **** the bed in such a spectacular fashion on prime-time games, it's unbelievable. And yes, virtue signaling is a thing.
  8. I should also have mentioned it sucks that it took Fed Ex that long to twist his arm if they really felt that way. I mean, let's think about it...they're a shipping and logistics company, they don't have a big platform to really reach people and march towards social justice. Fed Ex shows up and you're happy you got your stuff on time, that's about as far as anyone allows them into their consciousness. They provide a service but there's no real social justice aspect to their customers. So in a time where a lot of people (rightly or selfishly, it doesn't matter) want to show show what side of history they're on, this is the best they can do, publicly, to get their name out there and show what a good company they are...twist a football owners arm to change the nickname of the team in which they play or else they end their's kind of weak. I mean, they didn't mention any of this 7 or 8 years ago when the name debate kicked up, they didn't think it was a good idea then? Fed Ex is suddenly propping themselves up in this time we're in as a good, morally virtuous company by putting down Danny and the Redskins and saying "Do this, or else," when they never really seemed to care in the first place a long time ago, hell, even 3 weeks ago. All of a sudden Fed Ex looks like a good guy in this fight, which is weird. To your points, I sort of agree with the first...if it wasn't for the internet, we wouldn't have this kind of action, maybe not as much of it. Dr. King didn't have the internet, he did a lot in spite of that. But the internet definitely helps exchanging ideas and raising awareness and staying on top of news items. IMO, where it doesn't do good is someone with 150 followers on twitter posting "BLM!..." It's essentially peeing in the ocean. It's also getting to a point now where there's just entirely too much news to consume. It seems like you could easily take your entire workday to not work and read and watch everything and still not know about everything that's going on. In regards to Danny caring about money, he does. He absolutely does. But it would behoove him to make this team a winner if he wanted to make more money. The argument of "we don't win because he focuses on making money" doesn't hold water for me, it never has. If the Redskins had Patriots-like success over Danny's tenure, he'd be absolutely rolling in money. The team would be worth more, he'd sell more tickets and parking (and be able to charge more for them, too) sell more concessions, gear and all the other added monetary benefits that you get from having a winning organization. Losing football games year after year, combined with all the other things he's done doesn't translate into being more profitable, IMO. He's losing attendance, he's losing fans, he's losing overall general interest in his football team...that, IMO, doesn't translate to making money. Yes, he's still profitable but I don't think he's as profitable as he would be if the team was consistently good to great.
  9. No way they give us 5 prime time games, unless it's against a top tier team and we're essentially their homecoming opponent, ie, doormat. IIRC, we don't have any prime time games this year and it's because we've been bad to mediocre for so long. The NFL also doesn't want post commercial break shots of a half empty Fed Ex Field, too.
  10. I agree, they're changes for good and bit by bit they work towards good goals, however people do take their eye off the ball. I'm pro-name change and I'm glad it's happening but it sucks that it took sponsors to twist Danny's arm to do it.
  11. Should be shouted from the rooftops. Saw a great meme a few weeks ago, maybe it was on here, I can't remember. A black guy said "I want police reform!" and then it was like, NBC: "Hey, we've got Black Bachelor!" "No more Aunt Jemima!" and on and on...and then at the end the black guy was like "...yeah, but I wanted police reform...?"
  12. I think there are going to be people still calling them the Redskins after. Still wear the gear, still sing the song after a touchdown. Probably to be a contrarian, probably to remind people around them where they came down on the name change debate and what side they're on. People still call the Wizards the Bullets from time to time. IIRC, that team and that name wasn't nearly as beloved as the Redskins name and team.
  13. I don't disagree that everything in the USA is political. In regards to swaying your family to become Redskins fans, I'm sure that whole Mayflower moving trucks in the middle of the night episode greatly helped your case.
  14. Yesterday, the girlfriend and I went to Leesburg for lunch to pick up sandwiches, there's a deli there we both really like. Anyway, driving through on Loudoun Street, if you're familiar with the area...there was a protest going on. When I first saw it, I figured it was a BLM protest. Nope. It was a Covid/mask protest. Dip****s on either side of the street holding up signs that were saying Covid is a hoax, personal freedoms, etc, not wearing masks. ****ing unbelievable.
  15. The point is that EVERYONE likes Hamilton. I'm sure it's great but that whole **** musicals thing gets in the way.
  16. Any news on how she was apprehended? Kinda hoping it was something exciting where they had to tackle her in a gas station parking lot as she was trying to flee and not something like she was cornered at a McDonald's after an anonymous tip. That article by Doucheowitz is a piece of ****. He links you to things that aren't what he says they are, it's weird.
  17. We are way overdue to hang but I'm not watching that ****. Right now Sgt. Murtaugh is trying to talk Marky Mark into doing something patriotic for his country.
  18. I think I'll be watching Shooter with Marky Mark for about the 7,000th time.
  19. A couple of reasons. First, Sin nailed it...I hate musicals, too. I hate people spontaneously bursting into song and dance to advance a storyline, and that includes Disney movies. The only exception to my rule is the Blues Brothers. Second, I used to work with an insufferable narcissist douchebag who before meeting his wife had no interest in culture, no interest in really doing anything other than getting drunk, hitting golf balls and chasing girls. Which is absolutely fine if that's your thing...but upon meeting his wife who was extremely well educated, into the arts and culture...all of a sudden he was into it too, going up to NYC to visit her on weekends and coming back and ranting and raving about the broadway shows he'd seen. And then he saw Hamilton and he just couldn't shut up about it. But for me and others that were there listening to him, it seemed more about the fact that he was THERE. And it was a hot ticket. And therefore he was cool, cultured and informed and of course it was just SOOOOOOO DOPE. He was the same kind of guy who, when the Redskins or Nationals reached the playoffs, all of a sudden got interested when he didn't care about sports at all. There's this good show on Netflix right now called The Politician, I watched a lot of the first season a few weeks ago. In the pilot episode, the very first scene is a kid who's visiting Harvard and meeting with the admissions guy. The admissions guy is like, "Well, why do you want to come to Harvard?" The kid goes "Well, I want to be President one day, Harvard's produced the most Presidents so if I come here I increase my chances significantly." And they keep going back and forth, the kid is sharp, presentable, calculated, knows all the right words, knows all the things to say to make a good impression. And the admission guy knows it, so he goes "Well, you obviously present very well, but I want to know WHO you are. When was the last time you cried?" The kid goes, "Well, last year at Christmas when we watched 'It's a Wonderful Life.'" The admissions guy goes "Everyone cries at the end of 'It's a Wonderful Life'. Did you cry because you were moved? Or you felt like you were supposed to?" And the kid just gets really uncomfortable and goes "What's the difference?" IMO, that sums up exactly everything I couldn't stand about that guy, no original thoughts of his own, everything was just a show, everything was just done to impress everyone else and make you like him. And I'm pretty positive that he just raved about Hamilton because he knew he was supposed to. All he wanted to do was to make you think that he was interesting, well cultured, well rounded...when deep inside he was incredibly insecure and empty. I don't think he knew who he was because none of us knew who he was, either. So when Hamilton comes up, I think of him and how he couldn't shut up about it all week after seeing it and I just roll my eyes. I also like the arts, I can appreciate talent but I also don't feel the need to glom onto a cultural phenomenon if I'm already not inherently interested in it.