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  1. This is Redskin's tradition: Dark burgundy jersey, gold pants, burgundy socks. No stripes, no froo-froo. If it were up to me I'd take the names off the backs of the jerseys in the name of team uniformity but I don't think the league marketing people would allow it. I don't care much about the logo, although I like the script "R" least of all and the feather is a little swishy for a football logo. I think a burgundy helmet and an alternate gold helmet would be cool. If the numbers and letters are black, we can go black facemask and shoes. Road jerseys can be gold or white over burgundy pants. I agree, though, that returning to our true burgundy and gold roots is long overdue. Lombardi dragged us into Packers' yellow duds and it is time and past time we went back.