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  1. Nobody knows but hope dude just has a normal aging adult life with an injury like that. Im sure he will come back and I hope he doesnt lose a step. No 5th year option is probably a low key clue though..
  2. We could have traded up a few slots in the back end of round 3 and grabbed Jones. That would have been amazing. Probably would have cost us a 5th or a few picks though..
  3. It comes down to how the team lists him on the depth chart. With his skill set and versatility, you can manipulate the depth chart and virtually create an extra roster spot.
  4. I always wonder if our medical staff screwed Sua over too just like TW? I dont think he was a headcase. He was very smart and he got concussed/hurt, then he needed glasses cause his recovery probably sucked and he may have been misdiagnosed. Then discredited and quickly traded! WOW! I would be pissed if that were me too..
  5. And the 2021 and 2022 picks probably wont be top 12 picks. I would rather have one elite blue chipper, CY.
  6. WHAT IF.... The Giants started up all the QB controversy at #4 so that teams would start intentionally calling us to move up for a QB at #2? ALL IN AN EFFORT.. For us not to land Chase Young? Has that angle been thought through?
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