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  1. This is my point exactly. I just think some upgrades would be good cool. Nothing drastic. But our team has lived in the past but the fact is the skins have changed their uniforms several times before. So I think with the new coach and new era, lets do something different. Just so everyone knows, they have changed their uniforms eleven times since 1932. So, while I kind of understand our tradition because they have had the same uniforms ever since I've watched them, they still have changed and I think if they were to change, now would be a good time. But like I said before, not too drastic.
  2. Actually, that would be nice. I like our uni's but if you changed the to the actual colors I think that would be nice
  3. superozman is right about the black, it's so trendy. Thats why I say you could keep the colors just alter the stripes a little. I like the gold pants. I think that would be money. Gold helmets were cool too. Not yellow but gold
  4. Wow, you people who keep talking tradition and history need a tradition and history lesson on the Skins. They've changed their uniforms before several times.
  5. I love the reply of "no"!!!! This isn't a "yes" or "no" thread. It's simply, what would you think would look good? It's not like they've never changed their uni's before.
  6. Well, I see these posted every few months so I figured lets give it another go. With the Zorn era beginning, I'm getting a huge feeling of change. Not just new coaches and players, but that the Skins are finally changing the way they do things. I've been opposed to changing the uniforms in the past due to nostalgia and I still don't think they should drastically change them but it would be nice to see them modernize them a bit. Maybe alter the logo, or add some different style stripes to the pants. You get the point. But no color changes. So does anyone else have some ideas they would like to
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