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  1. What about the lack of white/asian/arab/hispanic players in the NFL? Is it fair to question the barriers put forth by management/ownership that prevents that? No. it's all performance based and the lack of those groups being involved. Coaching is no exception here. There isn't "tons" of minorities in the coaching/front office. Bruce Allen, Joe Barry, Jeff Fisher looked promising at the time of hire and was not just "magically" hired. Minorities and majorities was over looked in all of those hires. Was Huge Jackson "magically" hired in Cleveland? Coaching and playing the game are different fields of study and require a much different qualifications. This generates a different result. Most players don't move on to coaching after playing in the NFL. This is what makes Ron Rivera is rare, not his heritage, but because of making it as a professional football player and as a head coach which is something to be proud about. Same thing for to Jack Del Rio.
  2. What was the reason for Riverboat to sign so fast with us after week 17? Did he not consider other teams? Once week 17 concluded, it was already a signed deal. Sweet pay check? Is it a power/control in the front office? Was no other team interested? Knowing Bruce was getting canned? Whatever the reason, I think this is a great hire. Even if we don't win with Riverboat, I think he will change the atmosphere in the locker room which could be the foundation of becoming a respectable franchise.
  3. I understand where your coming from. Losses will hopefully force Snyder to make changes. Rooting against Redskins... even despite the circumstances..... I just can't do it man. No matter what. I watch the redskins hoping we win the game. Even when the season is over by October, a victory still feels great and a loose still stings.
  4. It's going to take more than a #2 draft pick to turn this joke of a franchise around....
  5. mike42

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'm unimpressed. Tepper sounded dishonest over the Ron Rivera firing. He said Ron Rivera is a good coach....but he fires him.... during mid season based on performance. Sounds like politician running for congress being interviewed by his own secretary. His "processes" talk didn't really explain how/why this would make a difference than the current structure. Not saying that was a bad segment of the interview, but it's hardly anything for us to be jealous of or not. He doesn't really tell us anything.
  6. mike42

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Interesting clock management....
  7. mike42

    What would you do IF YOU bought the team???

    Unsure why some new owners here think changing the team name and uniforms is a top priority. With the assistance of the NFL, hiring a consultant to make the initial big decisions on hiring the big heads of public relations, advertisement, front office. Then have those new hires make all the decisions without my permission for the Redskins moving forward. Then get on board with Renovating FedEx with my own money and renaming it to Redskins Stadium or Jack Kent Cooke Stadium in 2027. I'd turn it into a amusement type park and not charge for parking,
  8. mike42

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Actually, I stood more with Kirk than against when he was here. But in his final year here, I supported the skins for dropping Kirk because money was too steep and he didn't seem to want to play here. Looking back at it now, we really screwed this up. I think the team should have done way more to work with Kirk because he's done a lot for us. To me, it's more clearer now to see that our offense has significantly regressed after we lost Kirk. Certainly there is other components that plays into the regression of our offense such as the destruction of our good wide receiving core which is another story..
  9. mike42

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    100% regretting it. Very idiotic. It turned out worse than I could possible imagine. We finally a respectable QB and we let this one get away.
  10. mike42

    Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

    Hopefully Haskins will get better with more experience.
  11. mike42

    Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

    That Joshua Norman.....
  12. As I said, we've seen worse performance in slip n slide conditions against worse teams. 49ers played in the same conditions. Im sure Vikings will have a better performance than 49ers did. NFL is a week to week league. It's gotta mean something positive for us at least for today. Hopefully it's a sign we are trending up, defensively at least. I guess my expectations are much lower than the average fan, I expected us to get creamed, regardless of weather conditions, but we had a realistic chance of defeating a damn good team at the end.
  13. Wow. We're we born yesterday? I've seen skins give up more in worse weather conditions in just the last few years. Why is the rainy weather suddenly an excuse? Give credit where credit is due.
  14. Can't complain. This was against one of the best in the league. Expected a shut out, but our defense played good.
  15. mike42

    Next Coach?

    If the paycheck/power is enough, Tomlin or nearly any coach looking for work will sign. We've seen it in the past. I remember back in 2000 on ESPN, Marty publicly stated he would never work for Daniel Snyder and.....a year later he was working for Daniel Snyder. I'm sure Joe Gibbs thought the same thing prior to 2004, Mike Shanahan as well. Money and power certainly changes a coaches mind.
  16. mike42

    Is it time to go Nuclear on Snyder???

    It's baffling how the value of our horrid franchise has increased that much....
  17. mike42

    Redskins vs Dolphins Prediction Thread: Toilet Bowl vol. I

    Skins 27 Phins 17
  18. mike42

    Poll: When will Gruden be fired

    Its unfair how NBC Sports Washington Channel are just pinning this all on Jay Gruden and never blames the front office run by Bruce Allen.
  19. mike42

    Redskins vs Patriots Prediction Thread: Super Flying Wedgie Edition

    Pats 40 Skins 7 and that doesn't include the 2nd half.....
  20. I dunno man. I think the 94 team is one of the best of our cellar dweller seasons. Most of the games lost in 94 was by a touchdown or less. They remember they weren't good enough to win, but they didn't make it easy for most opponents. I'd say it's a tie between our 2013 season and this season so far.
  21. RELAX. If you're going to quote me, please talk to me directly, not to an audience. Not speaking for user twa, but where does twa think the tragedy is funny? He laughed at a Asbury post, but it wasn't at the victims. I stand correct on my response to AsburySkinFan. Look at his recent posts, I think it's fair amount of evidence to make the claim of playing for teams.
  22. Talk about playing for teams. Wow. It's always the other parties fault with you, isn't it?
  23. So I was optimistic last year and still the same this year. So I guess I am no different. If we didn't get historically banged up last year, we would have won the division and get to the divisional round. I believe our consistency in the off season is beginning to pay off and this off season seems to be no exception either.
  24. mike42

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So why bother speculating anyway? Something to talk about in the off season? I don't understand. I really don't care hearing the reason why this employee was fired which is probably more professional to keep it behind closed doors. Maybe its me, I only want to see the solution on resolving a issue. Will it make a difference if Dan or Bruce speaks publicly about any issue? Not to me. No drama needed. Just fix the issue. And you're right, Snyder has been willing to let others run the show for better or worse , so it's not illogical to suggest him hire a consultant on a short time basis. To be fair, Snyder has been willing to try different things and take new ideas into consideration.