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  1. Source: http://www.csnwashington.com/football-washington-redskins/redskins-talk/Meet-the-new-jerseys---?blockID=682058&feedID=6355 Yep. Major let down for me. Still the same look. Not trying to be fashion police, but I was hoping to see a more modern cooler look to our team...but i guess danny said no. What are your thoughts?
  2. I really don't root for the team because of our uniforms..so I really don't care either way..but I do agree with changing up uniforms. It wouldn't hurt us. ^ These please.
  3. Honestly I could care less for the game. But to think about... our skins seriously need to update their uniforms in the modern day era.
  4. I like the white on white. Not sure why people think it looks bad. I'm not sure why it's popular among a few, but those yellow R helmets from last year are UGLY. UGLY! Worst uniforms. But if we HAVE to change something, we should just change up the burg jerseys to these: http://www.footballfanatics.com/NFL_Washington_Redskins_Jerseys/Reebok_NFL_Equipment_Washington_Redskins__Number_24_Shawn_Springs_Burgundy_Alternate_Replica_Footbal
  5. 75th unis are god awful ugly. Worst unis in skin history, it's that bad. Current home jerseys are fine. Away red jerseys could use some serious work.
  6. Those uniforms are the worst looking uniforms I've ever seen. I'm being dead serious. Current jersey looks even more better than these USC crap 75th jerseys. I actually thought the 70th one's were more hip.
  7. I think the skins need to get new uniforms all together. It's time to move on.