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  1. Just watched NFL network's top 10 rivalries ever...skins/boys didn't even make top 10. Interesting.

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    2. Qdeathstar


      Eagles/giants are almost just as irrelevant as cows/skins

    3. skins2victory


      That's crap! Skins/Cowboys is one of the top rivalries in all of sports. The fact that NFL network doesn't even have this on there top 10 list is insulting to say the least!

    4. mike42


      Boss_Hogg, I still do, but probably shouldn't.

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  2. The thread will never die until our uniforms stop being ugly or we start winning.
  3. Nike sucks. If we ever get new uniforms, I damn sure don't want Nike touching ours. I love new ideas and all...but they have done such a horrible job in the NFL, from the weird neck collars to uniform redesigns.
  4. I was about to say why Tampa would even consider changing anything. Tampa has best uniforms in the league.
  5. Galvatron, doubtful. Snyder/Allen are too conservative with uniforms as they won't let go of the past and do something new. They won't even update the stripes on the mustard pants to match the uniform.
  6. It's sad times that the WWE is forcing themselves to rely on old faces or guest hosts as a cheap attempt to boost ratings which hasn't been working. Use your roster and not guest/legends to hog TV time. Can't make compelling story-lines because majority of the roster has poor mic skills or can't wrestle. Probably have no business being in the WWE. WWE always has had the problem with a handicap roster where most of the roster has serious weaknesses whether it's in the ring or on the mic. If your not a pro with both skills, WWE shouldn't be signing you. Wit no competition, WWE is in the position to be picking & choosy. Problem is Vince goes for "the look" approach and it has hurt them, he still thinks the WWE should be a land of 7 foot giants.
  7. Agreed, time to turn the page and represent this era with modern new uniforms. Can't live in the past. Hopefully Snyder is considering this.
  8. If they could have tweaked our helmets to match (use the spear), then I could live with the 80th unis. Wish we could keep those shades of colors, not sure why we ever moved away from that color scheme.
  9. skinfan2k, Thanks for sharing. If we had to modernize our a team look, that's the way to go. Maybe replace the black with a type of dark red and use a spear as our logo. However, if political correctness wins, I don't think I could ever get use to calling them Warriors and using a letter "W" for our logo.
  10. Why use the 75th jerseys every year? We only had those for two seasons and was never a significant part in Redskin history. The Radio Shack R helmets should be forgotten and erased from history. I can live with the 70th. Then again, it's best if we move away from the throw backs.
  11. I see your point on needing a new spin on things. But the gold pants isn't something new at all. It was used in the 70s. People I talked to say the redskins uniform doesn't match up because it doesn't. Their uniforms are clashing with two eras. I'm not the biggest fan of the gold pants, but if done right, i can live with it. They need to at least attempt to make it more modern to better represent this era, not the previous ones. Doesn't have to be loud looking. We should consider what the Vikings did this year.
  12. I agree. I don't understand why using a white collar. Looks a little low budget. The picture you used is how it should be. I think our uniforms continue to be going down hill. Since bruce allen arrived, every change we made has been for the worst. It's a mess now. Gold pants is too bright on the eyes and looks terrible to me. Too loud. Trim doesn't match the jerseys & socks don't match anything. Honestly, i hate to say it, but we have the sloppiest uniforms. I think we either go back to what we had from the 80s-2000s or get a new uniform overhaul. Should do what the vikings did this year to their uniforms. Sharp looking. IMO
  13. I don't understand why people liked the 75th uniforms so much? I thought they were the ugliest uniforms we ever wore..That political "R" on the cheesy yellow (gold) helmets gave us an appearance that lacked intimidation.
  14. Everything offends someone. It's just a name. Things offend me, but I don't go crying and asking the government to step in so they can taken continue to restrict more of our freedoms.
  15. Could care less for the elimination Camber. But they should bring back the war games.
  16. Bubble Screen, some of those clean looking teams evolved from a much more cleaner look. Not saying I'm against a simple look. But times do change. I think if it works in college football, then it certainly would work in the NFL. Most college fans are fans of the NFL. It worked for the pro teams Ravens & Bucs. I really don't think Jurgy's work is that busy looking. IMO.. But would it hurt if the skins updated their jerseys? No. Just my thoughts.
  17. Bubble Screen, what's wrong with having a feather on the helmet or the sock? To me, it makes more sense than having just stripes. Looks more appropriate than the nostalgia conservative one's we currently have. Comparison to Oregon? I disagree.
  18. The reason I like his idea is because it looks more appropriate with the theme of our team. To me, it isn't over done looking. Piping makes sense. The use of feather works for me because Native Americans wore feathers. We are the Redskins. If we have to get a new look, looking more tribal makes sense.
  19. JurgyFan, they look awesome! Best idea I ever seen on the internet. Especially with the feather on the helmet/socks. Normally not a fan of gold helmets, but those are pulled off nicely. Seriously, send those pictures to the Nike or Snyder.
  20. It should be a idea in serious consideration because our current uni combo are confusingly outdated and fugly. Maybe it's time to move on. Hopefully we ditch the banana pants. Please go back to the burgundy pants.
  21. Throwbacks weren't suppose to grab anyone's attention because it's from 1937. Helmets were the ugliest part of the uniforms. But Gold on gold combo? It would cause everyone to go blind. We are the REDskins.
  22. Ditch the throwbacks idea & time to move on from the past because our future looks promising. I think we need modernize the uniforms. Not drastically. Kinda like what the Vikings did to their unis.
  23. I was hoping we would just keep those. But yeah colors scheme look more appropriate than our current.
  24. I agree. It would be wise for the franchise to move on and get modern with the times. Big fan of the color scheme for the 80th unis which looks more intimating/mean looking. Looks cool. Finally using real gold...not clown gold (yellow).
  25. Darn I didn't see it. Sorry people. been a while for me. If i knew how to lock/delete or at least merge with other thread. i would.