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  1. Their reasons for ranking us so high is a complete joke. Just read the other explanation for the other companies on the list. Unsure if the article is serious or not?
  2. mike42

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    I'm very disappointed on how Gruden and few other players who didn't seem to mind Fosters comments. Public or private, doesn't matter, you can't have vulgar attitudes on your team because the bad attitude is cancerous for this team/business. Probably the loosing attitude exposed at Redskin Park. This team cannot have a massive cleaning soon enough.
  3. I don't like idea of our team leaving and replacing our team. I will never root for a Washington Expansion team and never watch the NFL again.
  4. mike42

    The Conspiracy Thread

    I listen to a lot of Redskin shows too ....but I watched the entire thanksgiving game to form my own opinion. You can find penalties on almost every play on either team on thanksgiving, when they choose to finally throw a flag or do oddly do nothing to obvious calls is where it makes things interesting. If you're going to be bias at any level in a game, it wouldn't be unreasonable to be low key about it by calling a bogus calls/no call for either team. With a even balance NFL, the officials have more of a impact than it ever has. See the 3rd Down call on our defense in the 4th quarter..a massive back breaker. It's about the timing is where things get strange. Do you have proof that the officials were not biased? I'm not saying Roger Goodell and the NFL boggy man are out to ruin the Redskins and not saying this happens often at all. I just feel there was some bias among the officials in this game. I'm not sure why there was bias.
  5. mike42

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Please list the games of bad calls that won us the game like it did for Dallas. Yes. I'm for the integrity of the game. I normally don't blame the officials for a loss. Sure, bad calls has went our way in some games, but not in the way it worked for Dallas. Did you honestly watch the entire game? When we came crawling back, the officials suddenly shorted a fuse. It was that bad. These penalties and no calls shaped the outcome of the game. Kinda like it worked for the Texans the week before...
  6. mike42

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    It's unfair to fire Gruden when much of the problem has been the front office. Front office is a big reason why our offense is a mess. Despite the injuries, we have no depth. Jay has done well considering these problems. Unless Jay makes the final decisions in the front office, then he should resign or be fired at the end of season.
  7. mike42

    The Conspiracy Thread

    After yesterday, I don't know what to believe anymore. I'm starting to agree with those who think things are bias, especially this game. I don't know what the officials are looking at and how they are missing these calls and why they threw the flags on some of it. It tend to work against us at the worst times possible. Very puzzling to me. But if you think the officials mistakes didn't have a huge impact in this game, then you weren't watching the same game as me. I'm sorry, it was that obvious.
  8. mike42

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    What I don't understand is this team has been more competitive than it ever has in the last 25 years. This team looks like it is up and coming to me. I know we lost some superstars last season, but we remain respectable in this league. We've been in the playoff hunt until the very end for the past 4 years.
  9. I use to hate that combo until this year when they brought these back. Never appreciated them until now. It's my favorites now.
  10. Sorry, I don't see the price being problem for many. Richest people in the country are people in the DMV area.
  11. Bogus report. The sources in the article are closer to fiction than fact, they even counted Trumps own opinions as a lie. I took the article less serious when David claimed there is zero evidence of voter fraud. Many sources to each link provides little to no creditably from David. The article claims Obama told a total of 1 lie in his final year in office.......that's a typical article from the left wing extremist NY Times.
  12. mike42

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Allen has been a GM by name only for most of his career here, which has been Snyder's decision. It's not so easy to blame Bruce for all of our problems. I don't understand why some credit Scot for our winning seasons. Scott didn't really build the 2015 team. Wheels were already in motion for the 2015 off season when he arrived, even Scot made mention of that.
  13. mike42

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    To be fair, Shanahan was the General Manager from 2010-2013 and Scott was from 2015-2017. What occurred in those years is hard to blame or credit Bruce for any of it. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to blame Bruce for Scott's drinking problem or Snyder allowing Shanahan control of everything. Bruce has spend most of his time here more as a public spokesman/money manager role than an actual General Manager.
  14. Happy to see us look like the Redskins again.
  15. Talking about which retro uni to wear has gotten old. How about something modern for a change? Trying something new/staying modern is what we were doing for the first 75 years of our teams existence. Unsure why Allen took the cleanest uniforms and went half ass time travel backward with them. Time to move on to something modern..
  16. Makes a lot of sense. I'm surprised how much better that looks. Good job. Send that to Bruce.
  17. Why one thin line? 2 Wide stripes looked clean to me and classic. But I agree with a darker burgundy. Right now, we have one of the most confusing uniforms in the league because nothing matches. For a professional sports team, you would think they would do something to fix something simple because we look weird.
  18. Hopefully they can just go back to these: Just watched some old school Redskins and didn't realized how much I missed those. Especially the white on burg. Looks timeless.The stripes were really cool.
  19. For each episode, why can't they switch back and forth with the storylines? Each episode should show a little of hospital/Daryl storyline, Rick/Church and Abraham group. Don't get me wrong, it's a great show.
  20. I prefer the khaki gold and that shade of red. Looked more rough/serious. But the uniforms sucked. I'm one of the very few, but seeing an overwhelming amount of bright colors in football never looked right to me. Agreed about the piping being screwed up. Looks like Snyder is trying to save nickels/dimes on a tight budget and probably is.
  21. Yes, technically it is gold. But most people who see this shade of gold will likely say its yellow. To me, it was part of an idea in the late 60s to mimic the packers which is sad. It's an eyesore to look at. When Bruce Allen is fired, hopefully they go with him. That is why I mentioned the those pants started in the 70s, not 30s. Agree with burgundy with white jerseys man.
  22. Hopefully it's doing some modernization or having a consistent look to our team. I love our history, but these uniforms isn't going to bring a 80s Gibbs or Allen back. Need something to represent the present and teams do this through updates in uniforms, no different than we use to do. Doesn't have to be loud, but something better than what we have now. Personally, I hope they fuse the 80th anniversary colors with updated uniforms or at least fix the stripes. Maybe even ditching the helmet stripes. If your refering to the current yellowish gold we now, that is simply not true. Even Burg pants have longer history than these yellow pants. Burg pants : 1980-2009 Yellow gold pants: 1970s, 2010-present
  23. I see your point. I know it's not a good attitude for anyone to have. I give up this fight because this particular issue isn't ever going to go away, even if the FCC ignores it. Members of congress who finds the name offensive, doesn't even do any research themselves. Too much distractions that will get worse over time. Imagine being to the super bowl or nfc championship? News media everywhere will be covering stories about our team name, not about about our players. I'll just start calling the team Virginia Maryland Redskins because Washington hasn't made any effort in putting this stupid fire out.
  24. Sadly, I'm confident the name change is going to happen when the FCC approves because just like any department in the government, they have nothing better to do. NFL cannot allow a football team to be censored, forcing Snyder to fold. When we do change names, I want a name that has nothing to do with native indians, animals or washington. Get new colors. Distance overself as far away from the natives as we can get. I'm tired of fighting this issue because it doesn't matter if the majority of people don't mind it and that there isn't concrete evidence of it being offensive, it only matters to a select few who has nothing better to do.