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  1. 16 minutes ago, China said:

    I'm not sure that first one is uplifting as much as it is heartbreaking.   The daughter puts on a happy face, but it must be gut wrenching (to say the least) to have your own mother not recognize you as her daughter.


    I took care of my mom for the last 2 years of her life when she was dealing with dementia...those breakthrough moments were incredibly uplifting and helped me keep my perspective.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, bearrock said:


    Different places handle it differently.  For example, even within Fairfax county, Giant pharmacy sets your second shot appointment at the time of the first shot while the Eisenhower Inova location instruct you to make your second appointment online after your first appointment takes place (and time slots aren't always available in 21 days, so some people end up waiting past 21 days for their second shot at Inova)


    What I was getting at (sloppily lol) was that the 2nd shot is a certain time span away from the 1st shot, so just walking in would screw all that up. As you said, they at least tell you to schedule an appointment for the 2nd shot (and I assume they tell you when that appointment should be), so "I saw that you could just walk in now" wouldn't seem to be appropriate for the  2nd shot.

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  3. 1 hour ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:

    Is the first shot and the Second shot the same thing because I saw that you could just walk in now but I wasn’t sure if they were talking about first shot or second shot or if there was a difference. 


    I’ll just show up on the 27th and hope for the best 


    Probably meant the first shot, because the 2nd shot is pre-set a certain number of days/weeks after the first shot.

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  4. 12 hours ago, mistertim said:


    Yeah from my understanding, federal prosecutors tend to be a very thorough and meticulous lot. 


    Especially when they are investigating a sitting Congressman.


    Besides, this isn't just about Gaetz..there is a larger story at work that goes beyond Gaetz. Could be that filing charges against Gaetz now could put a wrench in the rest of the investigation...or they are trying to compile just a ****-ton of evidence against him to get him to start cooperating with authorities about a bunch of other things they are investigating.

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  5. Has Falcon and Winter Soldier been worth investing time in? I watched the first two (actually 3) episodes and while it was entertaining enough, I didn't get caught up in it to the point that I wanted to watch more right away and have strayed from it. I didn't get caught up in the storylines very much, so I never found myself eager to see what was gonna happen next.

  6. 10 hours ago, UK Skins said:

    Renegades to me sounds like something from the Civil War. Would that wash in the current climate? Seems an odd choice.


    Some of those are truly awful suggestions though 🤮.


    There was a team in one of the alternate football leagues (USFL I think) where the Washington team was gonna be called the Renegades but changed to the Defenders. Or the team moved to Florida and took the name "Renegades" with them so the DC team became the DC Defenders....or something like that.

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  7. The Truth Behind ’40 Acres and a Mule’




    "We’ve all heard the story of the “40 acres and a mule” promise to former slaves. It’s a staple of black history lessons, and it’s the name of Spike Lee’s film company. The promise was the first systematic attempt to provide a form of reparations to newly freed slaves, and it was astonishingly radical for its time, proto-socialist in its implications. In fact, such a policy would be radical in any country today: the federal government’s massive confiscation of private property — some 400,000 acres — formerly owned by Confederate land owners, and its methodical redistribution to former black slaves.


    "[...]Try to imagine how profoundly different the history of race relations in the United States would have been had this policy been implemented and enforced; had the former slaves actually had access to the ownership of land, of property; if they had had a chance to be self-sufficient economically, to build, accrue and pass on wealth. After all, one of the principal promises of America was the possibility of average people being able to own land, and all that such ownership entailed. As we know all too well, this promise was not to be realized for the overwhelming majority of the nation’s former slaves, who numbered about 3.9 million.


    "With this Order, 400,000 acres of land — “a strip of coastline stretching from Charleston, South Carolina, to the St. John’s River in Florida, including Georgia’s Sea Islands and the mainland thirty miles in from the coast,” as Barton Myers reports — would be redistributed to the newly freed slaves."




    Can you imagine if black Americans had owned the "strip of coastline" stretching from South Carolina into Florida, and the wealth that could have been handed down through the generations of black families?

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  8. Someone mentioned on Twitter that it seems they are sending dozens of different names and choices to different STHs, perhaps to see if there's a trend in the type of name fans want--animal-based, human-based, more abstract, more intimidating, more defensive, more offensive, etc, etc...that the individual names aren't the point, but that they wanted names that fell into different categories so that they can use it as a beginning foundation for which direction they will ultimately go in when determining the new name.

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