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  1. After almost being "citizen arrested" late one night recently by some guys stalking me in a pickup--who no doubt felt more emboldened by Trump's rhetoric to do so--I for one am ecstatic there won't be 4 more years of the most powerful person in the USA calling these people "patriots" and fanning the racial flames that lead to this type of behavior as being acceptable. No more "Send her back" chants at presidential rallies. No more having the president "accidentally" retweet a video where a supporter of the president says "White Power" with a smile on their face. No more having the president stare blankly and saying nothing when asked to condemn white supremacists. All that **** (and more) is gone...and I couldn't be happier about it.

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  2. Anyone hearing about the "glitch" in Michigan and Georgia voting machines that turned votes for Trump into votes or Biden? lol...


    So to update, over the last 2 weeks:


    - Joe Biden used his political position to make his son rich--check

    - Hunter Biden's laptop full of incriminating emails has been found--check

    - Pics of Hunter raping and torturing underage girls found--check

    - "Whistleblower" at ballot counting facility claims they were told to postmark ballots that didn't arrive on time to the previous date--check

    - Video surfaces supposedly showing ballot counter throwing ballots away (but in reality were throwing away instructions)--check

    - Video surfaces supposedly showing shady man bringing what appears to be a cache of ballots into the counting facility late at night (but in reality was a reporter and it was his camera equipment)--Check

    - Video from surveillance camera surfaces supposedly showing voter fraud at a polling location (but in reality is video from a polling location in a foreign country)--check

    - Voting machine "glitch" discovered to have switched Trump votes to Biden votes in 2 battleground states but apparently nowhere else--check


    - Trump still loses--check and double-check

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