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  1. For a political party that lies about the president's policies, lies about election fraud, lies about the seriousness of a pandemic, lies about the realities of an insurrection, and lies about everything from Dr. Seuss to cheeseburgers, I highly doubt that different messaging would make a dent in those voters who eat up those lies as if they're Tic Tacs.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Xameil said:

    I honestly had alot of eye rolls during Falcon and Winter Soldier.

    I still haven't even watched the last 2.


    The last 3 episodes made me like the show more...


    Falcon/Winter Soldier was more Marvel-like than WV, but as Destino said above WV took more risks and they paid off well (except for the X-Men Quicksilver showing up lol...LOVED it when he did, was disappointed that it didn't turn into more, though). As for eyeroll moments, there was one for me in the finale...won't spoil anything but while it was, you know, "good" I felt like this would never, ever, ever happen even in a world with superheroes lol...it was too on-the-nose for me, a little too convenient and went on a little too long. If the purpose of Falcon/Winter Soldier was to set Sam up as a legit new Captain America, I think it succeeded pretty well, though.



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  3. On 4/20/2021 at 9:58 AM, Xameil said:

    I know I am in the minority on this, but honestly I liked Wandavison more then Falcon and the Winter Soldier....


    Don't get me wrong...its good, but not feeling it as much yet.


    Same here. Falcon/Winter Soldier picked up for me in episode 4, but overall I didn't find myself intrigued by the storylines nor really giving a **** who the Power Broker was. Not to mention all of the back and forth about who knew "Cap" (Steve) better, who Cap liked more, who was hurt more by his passing, etc, etc, between Sam and Bucky made me literally roll my eyes at one point. WandaVision's examination on grief and the power it holds over us was far more intriguing to me. Liked both, but WV was better in my eyes.

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  4. 2 hours ago, PCS said:

    Yeeesh. Between how busy things are at home and work,(plus some fatigue with this team),I've fallen way behind on things. Especially the draft.  Crash study time. 





    That's exactly why I'm on this thread now lol...too much time spent in the Tailgate forum, need to get the crib notes on college players before Thursday.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, China said:



    Alaska Airlines bans Eagle River lawmaker for violating COVID-19 mask policy


    Alaska Airlines said Saturday that it has banned state Sen. Lora Reinbold, R-Eagle River, from its flights for continuing to refuse to follow mask-wearing requirements for travelers.


    No other airline has scheduled flights between Anchorage and Juneau, and Reinbold is now in Southcentral Alaska. A trip by sea and land could take several days: Juneau has no overland road access, and some kind of ferry trip would be required.



    I'm now imagining Sen. Reinbold in a "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"-type of scenario lol...

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  6. 10 minutes ago, skinny21 said:

    Yep, and that was part of my thinking - I can’t see a cop giving a random person of color a ride home if they’re racist (racist enough to shoot them 10 times due to their skin color I mean).  I’m curious what the 911 call was for - odd that it wasn’t mentioned - sounds like both siblings were home?



    Yeah, there are a LOT of questions in this one. So many that the initial BLM thought process that tends to occur in my head never materialized. Instead it was less BLM and more WTF.

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  7. 2 hours ago, skinny21 said:

    My immediate thought was the deputy probably bats lefty but wasn’t ready to admit it... 


    If there ends up being any truth to your initial thought, I won't be surprised.


    You don't shoot someone 10 times unless you abso-****ing-lutely want that person dead (shocked that he is still alive right now). There is more going on here than race and/or posing a threat--in fact, wouldn't surprise me if race ends up playing no direct role in what occurred.

  8. 18 minutes ago, Darrell Green Fan said:


    I'm not doing this. I'm done arguing the play of Alex Smith.  Ron also said the team would have gone on a similar run with Kyle behind center and Kyle is now the 3rd best QB on the roster.    


    "Would have" vs "Did".


    Offense averaged a TD more when Smith started than when Allen started. Also won a lot more.


    And if you don't want to argue Smith's play with anyone, don't do a drive-by post calling  people who hold a different opinion "ignorant". That's a tip, folks, write it down.



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  9. 16 minutes ago, Darrell Green Fan said:



    Bingo. Whenever I see or hear a fan cite the team record with Alex as the starter, while totally ignoring just how poorly he played (including pre-injury), I simply dismiss them as ignorant. 


    You wanna explain how the team went 11-5 with him as starter but could only muster 6 wins between 7 other QBs with the same roster and coaches?


    Rivera and Turner already gave some strong reasons why this occurred. Doubt you'd consider either of them "ignorant".

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  10. We won with Alex Smith. That's undeniable. Whoever becomes our next starting QB needs to do the same. Impressive stats and a 7-9 record doesn't mean **** to me. Never has, never will. I'm tired of "He's good, we just need to get better OLine/running game/wide receivers/defense/what-the-****-ever in order to start winning" (which has been the argument in Minnesota for the last 3 years)...I'm tired of debates to determine who was "really" at fault for each INT (which Cowboys fans argued ad nauseam for 10 years with next to nothing to show for it)...or whether or not the QB's stats were mostly in "garbage time". These are the arguments fans delve into when the team doesn't win nearly enough with the current starting QB. I was impressed with Alex Smith's heart and grit to return from a devastating injury, but I was thankful for his role in helping to guide the team to more than twice as many wins as losses for a team that was chaotic, dysfunctional, poorly coached, and depleted of offensive talent for most of the last 3 years. He did what none of our other 7 QBs who started these last 3 seasons came even remotely close to doing. I don't really give a **** what his QBR was...some how, some way, when he started we won. I need our next QB--Fitz, Heineken, Allen, rookie, whoever--to do the same.


    I also want Smith to at least pretend like he's in touch with reality here..."They didn't think I could start"--nobody did. "I wasn't in their plans"--you were never in anyone's plans. "They were patronizing towards me"--I actually feel like being patronizing to you now lol. "They didn't support me"--Everyone around the league wanted you to retire 2 years ago. "The doctor says the team kept harping on whether or not I was healthy enough to play"--is this the same doctor who suggested to your wife that you get your leg amputated?


    All of that was paraphrased for effect, obviously...and this has to be the world's most milquetoast criticisms this team under Snyder has EVER faced lol...I can't even muster the energy or desire to get bothered by it. So go out with more class than this, please. Some day you'll look back on all this and tell yourself that going out with a winning record on one of the worst teams in the NFL, guiding the team to first place in the division before you got hurt and to a playoff birth the season you were not supposed to ever see the field will be a pretty decent way to wrap things up. And if not, the obscene amount of money you received for a grand total of 16 starts should soften the blows to your ego.



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  11. On 4/19/2021 at 2:31 PM, skinsfan4128 said:

    It worked out well for him here? Dude got traded here under a horrible front office, got mauled under a useless coaching staff, had to rehabilitate himself to walk let alone play in a NFL game again, and still had to decide whether his future was playing the game he loves under an administration who saw him finished (not that ron and company were wrong) as opposed to spending a quality life with his family. 

    Saying it worked out for the man is akin to saying it works out for immigrants in this country. 


    he said "other than the leg injury"...so rewriting this part of your post while taking out anything that is connected to his injury:


    "It worked out well for him here? Dude got traded here under a horrible front office, as opposed to spending a quality life with his family."


    Not the most convincing argument that he was wrong.

  12. On 4/19/2021 at 10:41 AM, Llevron said:


    I do wonder if part of the calculus here has to be that there are A LOT of white people in this country who are falling for the 'We, the persecuted....its so tough to be a white male....the government wants us replaced' thing...


    "Whites are being persecuted" = "My white privilege isn't giving me as many privileges as it used to."

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  13. PRONE: Facedown and handcuffed is no way to die, yet it keeps happening over and over again


    Some moaned. Others moved very little. At least 20 said, “I can’t breathe.” Most were mentally ill. Many were obese. More than half had drugs in their systems. More than two-thirds were either Black or Hispanic.


    In all, 9Wants to Know found at least 107 names of people nationwide who died facedown and on the ground since 2010.  There are likely many more.

    All were, at one point, held prone. In other words, they were restrained on their stomachs while officers tried to handcuff them.


    By our count, their deaths have led to more than $70 million in settlements and verdicts.


    Yet not even that figure has proven enough to convince law enforcement officers to do what they were advised to do back in 1995 when the U.S. Department of Justice through its National Institute of Justice Program told officers: “As soon as the suspect is handcuffed, get him off his stomach.”


    Why issue the warning in the first place?


    “In a recent analysis of in-custody deaths, we discovered evidence that unexplained in-custody deaths are caused more often than is generally known by a little-known phenomenon called positional asphyxia… a person lying on his stomach has trouble breathing when pressure is applied to his back,” the report reads.








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