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  1. 50 minutes ago, Fergasun said:

    The Supreme Court ruled this year that electors are bound by their states election votes and can be sanctioned, seems like even their electoral votes can be replaced.  This was a case that resulted from Trump vs. Hillary electors.  


    Regarding State Houses overturning their voters will, it would seem unconstitutional also... as their voting rules are put in place for a November election.  

    Arizona this year is absolutly McCain's revenge.  


    I don't think that's what the Supreme Court actually said...I think it was more like states have the right to enforce that electors vote according to the state's popular vote. Over 30 states do so already, I got the impression that the SC ruling was saying they are within their rights to do so and the remaining states should follow suit.

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  2. 41 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    Obviously there has been all types of ridiculous conspiracy theories by Trumpers all over the internet, but this on here, my god.  I can’t believe I read through all this, but I just couldn’t stop.


    Shared by a lady I used to work with...


    *** Food for thought ***

    (hilariously asinine conspiracy theory / long con by Trump theory)


    Be thankful you don't work with her anymore lol...jeebus.

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  3. 19 hours ago, visionary said:





    the wild part about the "hoax" talk?


    Trump: "I never said COVID was a hoax...I said the Democrats were using it as a hoax against me."


    Trump supporters: "COVID is a hoax!"


    Even when Trump says himself that he never claimed COVID was a hoax, even when half his administation has contracted the virus, even as staunch COVID deniers die from being infected...it does nothing to their opinions. Nothing. "COVID is a hoax!" remains their rallying cry.

  4. 48 minutes ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

    he’s recanted his recant. Or to better word it, he says he never actually recanted his original story where he cited fraud 


    "A postal worker from Pennsylvania has signed an affidavit withdrawing allegations that he'd witnessed mail-in ballot tampering in Erie, multiple outlets are reporting."


    Yeah, this guy is absolutely a top-quality witness.

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  5. 2 hours ago, tshile said:

    Yes. He should be embarassed. 

    also people are going out of their way to make a big deal about what was clearly a joke. 


    it’s not even a question. It was clearly a joke. A bad joke, but still a joke. 



    Was it a joke like Trump's bleach comments were sarcasm?


    If both of the above are true, it means both men abso-****ing-lutely should be out of public service asap and should be criticized to the ****ing hilt.


    In the middle of a pandemic, the president should never make comments about how to possibly treat an on-going virus in a sarcastic manner...that is literally telling U.S. citizens "you figure out what I meant on your own." **** that. He needs to offer information and guidance, not confusion.


    And in the middle of a highly contested and heated presidential election, no public servant or anyone speaking on behalf of a public servant should ever "joke" in any way about the current administration staying in power no matter what the voters want. **** that.


    The circumstances and the stakes are far too important in both those scenarios for anyone to be flippant about them.



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  6. 25 minutes ago, TrancesWithWolves said:



    How you arrived at that conclusion from the totality of my post (not just the excerpt you quoted) is beyond me.


    Rather than arguing against a straw man I’ll quote from my earlier post in the hope that it will answer your queryWhat a coach or coaching staff really believes remains to reporters and fans alike as amorphous and unclear as a distant landscape on a foggy day.”


    Simply put, the only thing we can be certain of with respect to the actual value the coach(es) put on the physical and mental work that Haskins performed this off season is that we can’t be certain of anything at all.



    The totality of your post amounted to "I don't believe them."


    You don't offer any reason for not believing them other than the cliche' of "It's all coach-speak," which tends to be used by people to dismiss anything a coach says that contradicts their preconceived views. Because the nanosecond we acknowledge that we as fans have no idea, we are no longer in a position to dismiss the words of those who do have the knowledge and experience to know. There's nothing left to contradict the coaches' words other than our desire to not believe them.


    As the other poster said, as fans we really don't know **** about how much or how little work Haskins put in. So we're left with the choices of either believing coaches like Rivera and Turner to be genuine in their assessment of Haskins, along with the beat writers who claim that they've been hearing the same assessments of Haskins' effort behind the scenes...or believing they're not being genuine. I've heard Rivera contradict himself about his own decisions and actions, but I've yet to hear him contradict himself when it comes to his perceptions of players. So unless or until I'm given reason to doubt his assessments, I definitely do not believe I possess enough knowledge of Haskins' effort this offseason to easily dismiss the coaches' appraisals of him. For me, only those fans who do believe they possess enough knowledge would dismiss Rivera's words.

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