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  1. This is peripherally associated to Trump but i can't...I can't...I...
  2. One of the best responses lol... Brian Rosenworcel @Bowl_of_Worcel Replying to @MollyJongFast FOX sucks! They won't even lie to us anymore!
  3. I got into one helluva long twitter argument with a truckload of Trump supporters basically stating the same thing lol...well, not directly, just kinda hinted at it. one guy told me that Emily Hudson "worked for the president," the GSA was part of the Executive Branch, and that I should "look it up". I corrected him and quoted the GSA website while doing so lol. We left off with him telling me Hudson was coerced by violent threats into allocating the limited funds to Biden... I corrected him by quoting Hudson's letter lol...no response (yet). Another guy said the right doesn't thre
  4. “I have dedicated much of my adult life to public service, and I have always strived to do what is right. Please know that I came to my decision independently, based on the law and available facts. I was never directly or indirectly pressured by any Executive Branch official—including those who work at the White House or GSA—with regard to the substance or timing of my decision." - Emily Murphy "I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols..." - Donald "It was all my idea" Trump
  5. Am I the only one who thinks this dude looks like Kirk Cousins? lol...
  6. Katie Porter is a savage lol...I love watching her destroy idiotic politicians.
  7. I assume it's connected/associated with this: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2020/11/scottish-mps-once-more-call-for-investigations-into-trumps-businesses/ A group of members of the Scottish Parliament led by the Green Party have renewed their demand that the Scottish government invoke an anti-money laundering law to investigate President Donald Trump’s Scottish golf resorts. The request was first made last spring, but on Thursday, Patrick Harvie, a co-leader of the Scottish Green Party renewed his case in questions he directed to Scotland’s First Minister
  8. That's not how issues concerning money are done. No matter the level of professionalism or morality of the individual NFL owners, they all want owners and minority owners to do things a certain way when it comes to money. It's weird, because I'm feeling the exact opposite lol...no part of me thinks Snyder being forced to sell is off the table, or that he won't be sanctioned in some way that truly hits him where he lives. It may not happen, of course, but I'm not buying yet that nothing is gonna happen outside of a meaningless slap on the wrist. Maybe I'm thinking/a
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