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  1. Could be, but his comment was in direct response to Rapoport's tweet. Had he tweeted his post right after we drafted Cosmi it would be different.
  2. It's definitely a homer take lol...still:
  3. Talks about the draft but also the roster and the over/under for win total. Should start automatically around the 35:15 mark.
  4. Hell, I loved that first episode lol...I said "What the ****" like 10 times in the last 5 minutes. When it was done I literally did one of these:
  5. I saw one poster mention some business offering $1,000 signing bonus to those they hire...I was thinking that it's highly doubtful that's the type of job anyone would not take due to an extra $300 per week. My main thought, though, is that the additional fed payment is only being viewed in terms of employment levels and not in terms of it affecting anything else. I was wondering if other aspects had been looked into, because right now hiring spikes might end up being like seasonal employment around the holidays.
  6. No, I meant the extra money that is flowing into the economy due to the added payments. Does a donut shop need extra workers because more people have the additional income to spend there? If so, once that additional fed payment comes to an end, will the donut shop have to let some employees go because there is less income to spend by customers?
  7. I'm self-employed...I've had to cut my proposal budgets severely in order to even have a chance of winning a project--far too much competition for far too few clients due to how the pandemic affected the economy. If I break even on a project I'm doing good. Right now I could win a project that would obliterate any PUA payments during the project's life cycle but would also have me losing money and struggling to make ends meet. So I don't bid on them. Normally there would be way more equilibrium between the independent contractors and prospective clients, but there hasn't been for a
  8. My main thought was that I didn't want any of these yahoos getting off due to a "Foxitis" defense but I did want Fox to be constantly blamed for the insurrection in court...but what you said makes even more sense lol. I guess I want both.
  9. I severely hope so...I also hope it never works.
  10. Isn't Foxmania the name of Trump's wife?...
  11. Thank the football gods that they didn't go for a splashy move at QB to "energize the fans"...
  12. Is this gonna become the name/emblem suggestion thread or is that still banned? lol...
  13. At first I thought link wray was a typo lol...
  14. I logged in to say the exact same thing.
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