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  1. They definitely count, yeah...I forgot about them. I follow them on youtube. My memory is going down the toilet lol...
  2. I'm having a hard time finding any...not that i keep up on today's music, but I googled 'R&B Bands" of the 2010s and kept getting solo artists or a list of R&B albums of the last decade. Back story; I was listening to Earth, Wind & Fire and started thinking who is the EW&F of today?...Then started thinking who are the popular R&B bands of today?...Then thinking are there ANY R&B bands today? lol...I grew up with EW&F, Commodores, Parliament/Funkadelic, The Jackson 5, Kool & The Gang, Heatwave, Sly & The Family Stone, Ohio Players, Chic, The Barka
  3. It was bad sutiational awareness. 3rd down, tons of yards to go...a QB who is not known as overly mobile (or really mobile at all) is heading towards you, is nowhere near the 1st down marker, and you are way up by like 3 scores, time was against their offense....and your opponent hasn't been able to do anything on offense for 2 straight games. I don't think going for the kill shot was the smartest decision under those circumstances.
  4. You do realize that being in the right place at the right time is a valuable skill for defensive players, right?...There's a reason "Always around the ball" is said as a compliment.
  5. But it won't be emboldened by the most powerful person on the planet, either.
  6. ^^ I think weve moved past the point of thinking calling someone "gay" is a clever insult....somewhere around 7th grade.
  7. Just one more reason why Trump has got to go... Activist with ties to Ohio Republican legislators plotted to kidnap and kill Governor Mike DeWine Local newspapers in Ohio have exposed a plot led by Republican activist Renea Turner to build a “posse” to kidnap and murder the state’s governor, Mike DeWine. Though DeWine is a Republican and a Trump supporter, he was evidently targeted for implementing mild restrictions to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed over 5,100 Ohioans. Turner confirmed in a Friday interview with
  8. I think it's as simple as they do not believe Trump is at fault in any way for COVID, and that the "China Virus" is being used against him by mainstream media and liberals. Her son was probably a die-hard Trump supporter as well...she probably feels he would approve of the shirt.
  9. Again, be happy we have Rivera and we are not the Cowboys lol...the leaks just keep coming from that team.
  10. A year old and even more relevant today. Long but excellent:
  11. WFT - 31 Cowboys - 17 Defense gets lots of sacks and creates turnovers. Kyle Allen--for at least this one game--shows the promise he showed at the beginning of 2019. Haskins doubters hold a parade, the "Fire Rivera' crowd goes into hibernation for 2 weeks.
  12. It started out a bit slow and some of the bits were obviously staged, but it's definitely funny and entertaining. And that ending was damn near perfect and ****ing hilarious lol...
  13. Only problem is, the only people in this thread are the ones who do NOT want Rivera fired lol...we’ve invaded what should be their safe space.
  14. A 6-6 tie in OT on not one but two missed chip-shot field goals would perfectly encapsulate the 2020 NFC East lol...
  15. I wish the Eagles/Giants game had ended this way lol...
  16. I really think he should take a step back for a little bit and let Del Rio take over...concentrate on getting better.
  17. Washington fan confidence in team direction is slowly eroding Fans were asked how confident they are in the direction of the team The “floor” for fan confidence prior to this week had been 55%. Three times in 2020 survey results had landed on that number, including last week, but they had not fallen lower. Until this week. The Week 7 survey results show that fan confidence has slipped to its lowest level this year, falling below 55% for the first time. This week’s confidence level is 44%, which is still surprisingly strong for a team that sits at 1-5, last in i
  18. Wrofl lol... Shane Matthews for OC instead.
  19. 1 - D 2 - C 3 - F 4 - E 5 - A 6 - B
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