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    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah, but that was after he set the record straight after being hired lol...before then, it was: 8 things to know about Doug Pederson, Eagles' new head coach (this sound familiar lol) Pederson is the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, and has held that title since Andy Reid became head coach in 2013. Pederson does not call the plays, but does have input on the gameplan, and calls plays in certain situations. Doug Pederson was calling more plays for the Chiefs than we realized The thing about calling plays is, you never really know who's doing it. Take the 2015 Kansas City Chiefs for example. We were under the impression that Andy Reid was the main play caller while OC Doug Pederson only called some plays. Pederson was introduced as the Eagles new head coach today and told the Philly media that he was calling the second half of games for most of the season. **This one is kinda interesting: Andy Reid trying to convince Eagles to hire Doug Pederson? Doug Pederson's name emerged as candidate for the Eagles' head coaching search, Sunday morning and immediately two independent sources shot it down. Now a few days later, they're not so sure. "I think Andy (Reid) is getting to the owner (Jeffrey Lurie),'' one said. "Those two still get along pretty well, which is kind of peculiar on its own. But (Lurie) listens to Andy. They may wait and interview Pederson, and then who knows?'' [...]The second source, who thought all along the Eagles might be doing Reid a favor, said Pederson has a shot, but should not be considered the favorite. ****************** The reason I think that last one is interesting?... At the time there were rumors that Reid was propping up Pederson and making it seem as if he played a more important role in the Chiefs' offense than he really did, giving Pederson credit for stuff Reid was actually in control of. The blurb above makes it seem as if Reid was having talks with Lurie about recommending Pederson as an HC candidate and that Reid's relationship with Lurie is why it started. Got me thinking...does Reid have a good relationship with anyone on the Skins? lol...I now Alex Smiff is not FO and is a player and I'm sure this is probably against the spirit of the cap or something like that there, but maybe he's been floating Bieniemy's name to Smiff who in turn has floated it to Dan?... And that's why we're hearing about him as a possible candidate? We assume it was Smiff alone, but perhaps not.
  2. Califan007

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Similar things were said about Pederson when he was hired by the there is that lol... Ok, this is almost exactly what was said about Pederson when he was hired by the Eagles lol....
  3. ??...It was on my twitter feed, I didn't go looking for it lol. The guy does a lot of Skins analysis, he's one of like 50 guys I follow on there. And he has 49.2 THOUSAND followers...not 3 lol...including Chris Mortensen and Rich Tandler (RIP)
  4. Califan007

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I can not be the only one who saw this as a sign Bruce Allen had been fired lol...
  5. Only two of the remaining 4 teams have wiing records )at the moment) so he should be good to go for a 10-6 record and a playoff birth. Once he's in the playoffs, though lol...
  6. It includes "foil wins"--teams that would have had a winning record if they did not lose to that QB. Didn't you wonder what that column meant? Or were you too quick to dismiss anything that didn't prop up Kirk to even notice it or wonder what it meant...because you obviously didn't know. And did you even bother to see if it's possible to have 10 games a season against teams that either had a winning record or "Foil" teams? (for the record, 8-7-1 is a winning record as well). Don't worry, I'll do the work for you: 2009 (9 games) Wins (4): Cowboys 11-5 49ers 8-8 (Foil Win) Ravens 9-7 Cardinals 10-8 Losses (5): Bengals 10-6 Vikings 12-4 (twice) Steelers 9-7 Cardinals 10-6 (playoffs) 2010 (10 games) Wins (8): Eagles 10-6 (twice, once in playoffs) Jets 11-5 Giants 10-6 Bears 11-5 (twice, once in playoffs) Falcons 13-3 (playoffs) Steelers 12-4 (Super Bowl) Losses (2): Bears 11-5 Falcons 13-3 2011 (9 games) Wins (8): Saints 13-3 Bears 8-8 (Foil Wins) Broncos 8-8 (Foil Win) Falcons 10-6 Chargers 8-8 (Foil Win) Lions 10-6 Giants 9-7 Raiders 8-8 (Foil Win) Losses (1): Giants 9-7 (playoffs) 2012 (12 games) Wins (6): Bears 10-6 (twice) Texans 12-4 Rams 7-8-1 (Foil Win) Vikings 10-6 (twice, once in playoffs) Losses (6): 49ers 11-4-1 (twice, once in the playoffs) Seahawks 11-5 Colts 11-5 Giants 9-7 Vikings 10-6 2013 (5 games) Wins (2): Ravens 8-8 (Foil Win) Chicago 8-8 (Foil Win) Losses (3): 49ers 12-4 (twice, once in the playoffs) Bengals 11-5 2014 (11 games) Wins (6): Dolphins 8-8 (Foil Win) Panthers 7-8-1 (Foil Win) Eagles 10-6 Patriots 12-4 Lions 11-5 Cowboys 12-4 (playoffs) Losses (5): Seahawks 12-4 (twice, once in playoffs) Lions 11-5 Patriots 12-4 Bills 9-7 2015 (9 games) Wins (4): Seahawks 10-6 Chiefs 11-5 Vikings 11-5 Redskins 9-7 (playoffs) Losses (5): Broncos 12-4 Panthers 15-1 Cardinals 13-3 (twice, once in the playoffs) Vikings 11-5 2016 (13 games) Wins (8): Lions 9-7 (twice) Giants 11-5 (twice, once in playoffs) Texans 9-7 Seahawks 10-5-1 Vikings 8-8 (Foil Win) Cowboys 13-3 (playoffs) Losses (5); Cowboys 13-3 Falcons 11-5 (twice, once in playoffs) Titans 9-7 Redskins 8-7-1 Grand Total: 78 games in 7--er, 8 seasons. My guess is, not only did you not understand what "foil wins" were (or even notice they were included), you also didn't consider playoff wins and losses in the equation...nor did you take into account that when you finish in either 1st or 2nd place as often as the Packers have, you will have a ****load of winning teams on your schedule. Nor did you bother to even see if it's possible for the Packers to have 10 games against winning teams in multiple seasons. You just got over-eager because you thought you would (finally) get to prove me wrong and posted before actually thinking anything through. Don't happens regularly with several others here on ES as well. But I get saying 7 years instead of 8 years and claiming I'm employed by Dan Snyder negates all of the above. So you got that going for ya. Feel free to respond with the laughing reaction thing again never bothers me. When people who disagree with me do that, I usually take it as a sign that I've won the argument.
  7. Califan007

    **** the Cowboys

    NFL Division Leaders...
  8. Here's hoping that when Haskins is 31-32 yrs old he's at least where Cousins is in terms of sacks....
  9. Califan007

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    I would say that for the overwhelming majority of us, we would have had a hard time telling ourselves what made any competent GM seem like "GM material" before they were first I'm not sure that should be considered a detriment against Kyle Smith. I do know that he's been given more responsibilities and has been promoted and our drafts seem to have noticeably improved right along with it. With his father being a former successful GM, he also has a pedigree and lineage that could offer him some valuable insights into the position. And I like seeing competence in the organization given a chance and rewarded. So if Smith is named GM, I'd be happy.
  10. Will be interesting to see how (or if) this ends up affecting the draft order...
  11. Califan007

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    I'd say ask that again if all of that **** happens lol... But don't ask me, because if all of that **** happens it means I'm also spending the weekend in bed with Margo Robbie and Gal Gadot.
  12. Califan007

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Cheezy Wins

    No part of me thinks we will beat the Packers. And while it's kinda fun to run with the idea of the Skins actually winning the division after such a horrendous start to the season, I'm expecting that to come to a crashing halt Thursday night when the Cowboys beat the Bears. But until then, we got 2 more days of stress-free delusion Skins 23 Packers 21
  13. Califan007

    Next Coach?

    I would think just using logic instead of gossip and speculation would lead most people to the same conclusion, though. Plus, the recent report/speculation/whatever that Dan is wanting to put Bruce under much heavier review after the season would point to this season being different from the rest in that regard...empty stadiums, abysmal on-field play, and tanking ticket sales won't be overcome by a 4-12 record and Bruce's smarm. If Snyder keeps Bruce on it will be for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with winning a few more games. The stronger speculation would be to say Bruce will convince Snyder that he has the perfect plan for turning things around, specifically ticket sales, jersey sales, and attendance numbers. But that angle is rarely, if ever, mentioned among all the "If we win another game Bruce is gonna convince Dan we're 'close' " rhetoric. It just seems lazy to me. Regardless of what any of us think of Snyder, he sees everything we do. We don't see everything he sees, though. Which is why we (collectively) think he'll base his decisions on the stuff we fans see, and little else.
  14. Stilll alive for either the division title OR a top-2 pick is good.
  15. It's not about blaming Kirk at this's about acknowledging the reality that if a team is QB'd by Cousins they're not gonna win too many games against teams with winning records, no matter whether he plays well or poorly. He's almost never gonna will his team to victory in those situations and will definitely have more than his share of games where he sabotages any chance of winning. Which means advancing in the playoffs is probably out of the question...winning the division is probably out of the question as well, unless the division is full of losing teams like the 2015 version of the NFC East. There's nothing exactly wrong with this, of course...but it starts to lean towards his ceiling being far lower than many of his supporters--among both fans and media members--would like us to believe.
  16. I may hate the Seahawks more than the Vikings...but the Minny hate is more personal lol.
  17. I don't know where I would put this...putting in this thread for no other reason than I was watching a Guice clip when I saw this clip lol...
  18. No idea if this is true, guessing someone else mentioned it but not gonna read the thread to see lol...
  19. Why since 2012?...Is that when Rodgers became starter? Here's another 7-year span, from 2009-2016. Notice what Rodgers' record is against winning teams during that span. You won't find any stretch in Cousins' career that even remotely comes close to it:
  20. Whatever the reason, the team is playing differently now--and better--than it was at the beginning of the season. Yes, it's hard not to play better than those first 5 weeks lol...but it's damn easy for the players to coast during an abysmal season for an interim coach, and an OC and DC who would seem to be out the door as well. I said earlier in this thread (I think it was this thread lol) that everyone kept saying before the season started that the team would have to rely on its running game and defense if it were to have any chance of winning has taken a while but that seems to be the direction the team has been trending towards under Callahan.
  21. Califan007

    Next Coach?

    I think the entire narrative of "Bruce will now convince Dan the Skins are close because they won some games" is 100% fan and media-driven, and in no way part of Dan's reality or decision-making. At least for this season. Only exception would be if the Skins were to miraculously end up winning the division this season...which, while a bit of fun to imagine and talk about this week, we all know is not even slightly gonna happen.
  22. I need to get my "Kirk can't beat winning teams" posts quota filled before tonight lol...I get the feeling it will definitely be going the other way. at least for this week. So...*ahem*... Notice the "winning teams" Kirk had beaten this season are no longer winning teams...that's why we use end of the season records and not "at the time" records. Okay, that's all I got for now lol...