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  1. Geez lol...you guys have some damn impressive work. I had a **** ton of old pointillism work I did back in the 90s on Photobucket but it's all lost now. Could only find two of them and they are in a smaller format (both pen and ink pointillism). The first one is a self-portrait. Second one is just something I came up with looking through old photos. The last three are photo art I did several years ago with some models I know/knew (pretty sure I've shown a few of those before):
  2. His name is my name, toooooo..... Whenever we go out, we hear the people shout 'There goes Equanimeus Tristan Imhotep J St. Brown!"
  3. Ok, so it's 28-23 Bucs in the 4th quarter....just like it was 28-23 Bucs in the 4th quarter when WFT played them. This is the NFL math equivalent of showing your work lol...
  4. I know...my "Um..." was after seeing the Packers get the ball back with the chance to pull within 4 now lol...meaning, the Packers may be as good as us!
  5. We held the Bucs to 18 pts at the half...3 less than what the Packers were able to do. The Packers scored 10 points against the Bucs at the half...3 more points than what we were able to do. NFL math says this means we are every bit as good as the Packers and Heineken is every bit as good as Rodgers. Whoohoo!
  6. I didn't look at it as Kyle's rep warranting secrecy as much as it being his rep didn't generate must interest from the media lol...having Rivera bring in two seasoned FO guys who would be over Kyle could have caused reporters to start wondering about what's in his future.
  7. We hired Scot M as our GM without anyone in the media announcing anything until like a day before we were about to hire him (local media, anyway...may have been someone in Oakland news media who mentioned our interest in passing). So it does happen, yeah.
  8. Are we sure that nobody is or has been showing any interest in Kyle Smith for their front office...even if it's a lateral move?
  9. Watched "Jaws" again for the first time in decades...eerie how much it parallels the last year with Trump and the pandemic. Richard Dreyfus' character is completely Fauci lol...
  10. I don't think this has anything to do with Kyle Smith's lack of talent evaluation or disagreements between Ron an Kyle or getting rid of everyone who worked under Bruce or Smith not having what it takes to be a valid GM candidate in the NFL. I think it's just that, at this time, Rivera feels that THIS front office needs truly experienced people running the show that know how to develop a workable direction and course for the team, who have developed relationships with a wide variety of GMs and player agents that will help facilitate deals, and who are experienced in handling the of
  11. It's my belief that if there was that much disagreement in terms of personnel, we would have heard about it in some form or fashion long before now. As well a Kyle would have been let go...keeping him on doesn't provide any value if his picks were drastically against what worked this past season.
  12. It really does. For me it may not be due to the reasons you listed but that can't be overlooked, either.
  13. Our FAs last year were a pretty good haul...I'm of the mindset of if it ain't broke, don't fix it lol...
  14. Should be a thread..."Trumpublicans that you are secretly attracted to." Dibs on Deborah Birx! (it's those scarves, man...)
  15. I don't like K-Pop, but I love their fans lol...they take these asinine hashtags over like a mf'er.
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