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  1. WFT - 31 Cowboys - 17 Defense gets lots of sacks and creates turnovers. Kyle Allen--for at least this one game--shows the promise he showed at the beginning of 2019. Haskins doubters hold a parade, the "Fire Rivera' crowd goes into hibernation for 2 weeks.
  2. It started out a bit slow and some of the bits were obviously staged, but it's definitely funny and entertaining. And that ending was damn near perfect and ****ing hilarious lol...
  3. Only problem is, the only people in this thread are the ones who do NOT want Rivera fired lol...we’ve invaded what should be their safe space.
  4. A 6-6 tie in OT on not one but two missed chip-shot field goals would perfectly encapsulate the 2020 NFC East lol...
  5. I wish the Eagles/Giants game had ended this way lol...
  6. I really think he should take a step back for a little bit and let Del Rio take over...concentrate on getting better.
  7. Washington fan confidence in team direction is slowly eroding Fans were asked how confident they are in the direction of the team The “floor” for fan confidence prior to this week had been 55%. Three times in 2020 survey results had landed on that number, including last week, but they had not fallen lower. Until this week. The Week 7 survey results show that fan confidence has slipped to its lowest level this year, falling below 55% for the first time. This week’s confidence level is 44%, which is still surprisingly strong for a team that sits at 1-5, last in i
  8. Wrofl lol... Shane Matthews for OC instead.
  9. 1 - D 2 - C 3 - F 4 - E 5 - A 6 - B
  10. Wanting us to win by default due to my DNA plays no role in whether or not I'm "rooting hard" for the Eagles/Giants to tie. And everyone who has even just lurked on this site should know I'm obsessed with accuracy lol...someone said that if the Eagles and Giants tie Philly would still be ahead of us even if we won. I was "diligent" (read: I literally googled for 30 seconds lol) in seeing how ties are treated to see if what they said was accurate. Spoiler alert: I do that a ****-ton on here and twitter before responding, no matter what the topic.
  11. When I was a kid my mom told me not to run in the neighborhood because the police will assume I did something illegal. I felt as if Biden gets that reality. And did Trump respond to the question of asking if he understands why parents of color fear for their children interacting with the police, by going on and on about all the ways he's been better for the Black community than Lincoln?
  12. Biden says we have 535 (or whatever) children who don't know where their parents are an can't be reunited with them. Trump: "Good." Did I hear that right?
  13. Trump isn't even addressing the question about reuniting children with their parents. It's insane how much of his campaign platform is nothing more than conspiracy theories.
  14. Trump thinks saying "socialized" and "Bernie Sanders" and claiming Biden will destroy any and everything good in the country is a winning strategy.
  15. Its gotten so bad that nobody gives a rat's ass about the Eagles playing the Giants for possibly 1st place lol...
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