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    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    yeah, I'm definitely not saying he' a liar, but I have zero idea if he's the type of person who exaggerates to make a point--I work for a guy who does that, and I always call him out on it because I'm ultra-literal lol...
  2. Califan007

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Why would they sabotage the future value of a trade asset?...Remember, it was reported that Allen said they'd revisit the trading of Williams after the season is over. Having it put out there that no team thinks Williams is worth more than a 3rd doesn't do them any favors.
  3. Califan007

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    The "almost died" and "get your affairs in order" comments definitely seem to be exaggerations, imo. And here's the thing: there will be oncologists and dermatologists on the interwebs who will eventually be weighing in on how accurate Trent's description of things are...always happens with high profile athletes and health issues.
  4. Califan007

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Think about this possibility: - Trent gets a health scare--which anytime anyone is told they have any form of cancer it's a legit scare - He thinks back over the years where he could have acted on the lump on his head but didn't because it wasn't diagnosed as cancer, and gets pissed off - No teammates fly out to visit him while he's in the hospital...he tells himself he "almost died" and nobody seems to care that he did - Tells himself that since his salary isn't guaranteed he could have a career-ending injury and no additional money would be coming his way--afterall, he saw what happened to Alex Smith, but Smith had guaranteed $$ coming regardless of his injury. Smith even had money that would become guaranteed if he became injured. Trent probably has none of that. Trent starts thinking **** this team, I had cancer and they didn't detect it (regardless of the reason), none of my teammates cared enough to visit me during recovery, and my career could end on an injury I get during practice...and I'm not gonna have any more money coming my way. Thinks to himself "Trade me to a team that WILL give me guarantees and that has a medical staff that WILL detect cancer early", even if he has no idea if another med staff would have done so. - Asks to be traded, Bruce says no because he waited too long to ask - Sees marquee players all over the league hold out to get what they want, thinks screw it, I will too - Underestimates how big a son-of-a-**** Allen can be, especially when he feels a player or his agent isn't acting in good faith--like when Cousins didn't even make a counteroffer like Allen expects players to do--and Allen feels "good faith" would have been Trent asking for a trade back when there was opportunity to replace him immediately. Trent only remembers how pleasant and accommodating Allen probably was when doing the extension several years ago... - When the team decides to start listening to trade offers, nobody offers up much, which Trent sees as an insult...starts thinking Bruce and Dan set things up to appear as if Trent's value across the league is minimal, and they did so just to "embarrass" him...not because his actual value might be lower than he thought. Now he has to report to the team in order to be given credit for another year on his contract with the Skins...and he does so with no extra money, no attempt to honor his trade request, feeling as if no teammates cared if he lived or died, and no team willing to give up anything of value to get him. And believing he "almost died" in the process.
  5. Califan007

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    They knew it had not metastasized yet, at least according to Trent. So they should have known it was a very good prognosis that everything will go well. And I've had surgery before. My ex-wife recently had a brain tumor removed. No one ever told me or her anything close to "get your affairs in order", especially just a precaution because "you never know".
  6. Califan007

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    That doesn't answer my question, though lol...In fact, it just underscores why I asked it.
  7. Califan007

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    From the article: "I went to go get the cyst extracted, and when they did it, they found out it wasn't a cyst," he said. "[They] told me it was DSFP. That's what the cancer is called. It's a very rare soft tissue cancer. The diagnosis that they gave me in the beginning, they kind of underestimated it," Williams said. From the internet: "How is DFSP diagnosed? The absence of symptoms often leads to a delay in diagnosis. DFSP is often mistaken for other skin conditions, particularly in its early stages. It is frequently diagnosed when it enters a more rapid growth phase, giving rise to larger lesions." From inside my head: So does this mean that Trent's mass didn't enter a more rapid growth phase until recently, and that's why it wasn't diagnosed earlier? Because it sounds as if the "delay in diagnosis" of this type of cancer is rather common. ***************** From the article: "During the holdout, Williams stated that there was "no communication" between himself and the front office." From DeAngelo Hall in September: "Hall reports that Allen “asked Trent ‘Tell me who to fire and I’ll fire them.’ Trent’s response, ‘Man I don’t want to cost nobody their job. I don’t want to put anybody’s livelihood in my hands." From inside my head: That sounds like Hall is saying they did indeed communicate during his holdout... ***************** From the presser (I asssume): Trend "said felt waiting until last minute to try to trade him was vindictive." From DeAngelo Hall in September: While talking with Allen about potentially trading Williams, Allen said, “You don’t ask for a trade in minicamp. You ask for a trade in January, February, before free agency, before the draft, that’s when you ask for a trade." From inside my head: Half the fans on ES were feeling that Trent waited to ask for a trade in an attempt to gain leverage...and If Allen wanted to be vindictive he wouldn't have tried trading him at all. ***************** From the presser (I assume): "The growth, he said, was cancerous. He needed to have it removed before it metastasized." From the internet: "What is the prognosis for persons with DFSP? The general prognosis for DFSP is excellent. In the past, recurrence rates were high, but with the introduction of Mohs surgery, those rates have decreased. Even with recurrent DFSP, Mohs surgery has a 98% cure rate. A poor prognosis is associated with metastasis. However, recent results for patients with metastasis using Imatinib are encouraging. From inside my head: So if it had not metastasized, and there is a 98% cure rate for this type of cancer before it metastasizes, why was his doctor telling him to "get his affairs in order"?
  8. Califan007

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    In that case, how the hell did Alex Smiff ever go 6-3 as starter here? It's not as if his supporting cast was upgraded significantly from "utter poop" in one offseason from what Kurk had to work with.
  9. Califan007

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I regret he wasn't traded in 2017. I would have regretted if we paid what Minny paid to get him. I don't regret he's no longer on the team. Optimistic Haskins can still turn into what we want/need him to be.
  10. Califan007

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If we end up 2-14 we are picking in the top 2, guaranteed. Ironically that would energize the fan base a bit lol...
  11. That's a perfect description lol...and doesn't give anything away.
  12. Califan007

    Report: Josh Norman being shopped by Redskins

    Dan and Bruce are afraid of what the media will say if they don't trade somene?...
  13. The Strange Thing About The Johnsons Just learned about this movie and watched it today....holy ****ing ****. it's only 29 minutes but jeebus--I don't quite know how to process this movie. The same guy who did Hereditary and Midsommar did this one. It's on youtube...if you're curious and want to watch it do yourself a favor and do NOT read up about it or read reviews or watch any "trailers". Just dive right in lol...sheesh.
  14. Califan007

    Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

    You're telling me Haskins can't go 9 of 12 for 77 yards?!?!... - Half the Redskins fan base last week lol..
  15. Califan007

    Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

    That used to be the pick-up line I told girls back in college...
  16. I'm gonna make a killing in here tonight no matter what happens lol...
  17. Yeah, their performance against winning teams (or good pass defenses, or in "win and go home" games) matters more than whether the team won or loss. Lots of great performances in losses around the league and lots of mediocre play in wins.
  18. Aren't you guys just backing up why it makes more sense to ignore winning records "at the time they played", and only count teams who end up with a winning record?... My guess is you would probably laugh off any fan who used beating the Redskins last year as a testament of how good their QB is because the Skins had a winning record at the time when they won. I know on my end I was using our beating the Panthers at the time as a positive because they were 3-1, but scratched it from the list when they ended up 7-9.
  19. remember when he beat the 1-0 Rams? Why doesn't that count?
  20. Somebody needs to buy chips and salsa, because one way or another there's gonna be a party in this thread tomorrow night lol...
  21. Califan007

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    As good a thread as any to put this in lol...(NSFW-language)
  22. Califan007

    Peterson Has High Ankle Sprain

    To replace "him"....who, Perine?