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  1. Had he vehemently been promoting wearing masks for the last 3 months maybe senior citizens wouldn't have to be so isolated in their remaining years.
  2. Does anyone think the Redskins top brass is following this thread religiously? lol...
  3. The "R" in the circle looks like the registered trademark symbol lol...also there's not enough emphasis on the wolf. The disembodied tail isn't enough, I don't think, to convey "wolf". Maybe something like this (although I'm not exactly crazy about using the howling wolf imagery), or drop the "R" altogether and use a fiercer wolf image--not this one, though lol...just a placeholder to convey the concept:
  4. Hope the video doesn't auto-play lol...I can't tell when I post them on firefox. NSFW (one word)
  5. I posted a tweet a loooooong time ago of someone saying Donaldson and Rivera's wife were close. So your post is probably spot-on.
  6. If it were a little more graphic and the wolf looked a little more dangerous, that would work...
  7. My thinking is that she's been connected to the team for years and that gives her a stronger foundation of comfort than those whose understanding of the team is through articles and reports. Not to mention it appears (at least right now) that the most toxic execs have either retired or been fired. Add on to that the spotlight that's on the team will make the culture less likely to be damaging, at least for the time being. It's not that big a stretch to imagine Donaldson being ok with working there, outside of how her rep might take some dings as people claim she's selling her soul to be used by Snyder as a company shield, a claim I expect to be aimed at pretty much any women who starts working there after the article was published.
  8. "Do you mind if I name my first child after you? "Dip**** Knight" has a nice ring to it. "