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  1. It doesn't sound like something I would imagine Dan saying. But at the same time, I can't for the life of me imagine a reason why Wells would make that up.
  2. Ain't that the truth (the part in bold especially).
  3. The quote about Rivera was not reduced for a tweet, it was attached as an image to include Moses' entire statement. The quotes about Haskins were summarized to fit the format of tweets. They may have said more (not sure), but that would/could be a difference.
  4. "Yeah, but what else is he supposed to say? If you really believe the players' quotes actually reflect their true opinion I have no idea what to say to you." I was told that somewhere lol...
  5. So you think it's impossible for both Young and Moses to actually feel like they have Haskins' back? Is that what you're saying? What part of their quotes indicated they felt frustration?
  6. They weren't leaking/grumbling to the media about their frustrations at Haskins' play, either, which Rivera went on record about. Maybe the players we have now aren't all clones of DJ Swearinger or Desean Jackson for a change. That was part of the culture change Rivera was trying to establish by bringing in the FAs that he brought in. Or--wild thought--maybe guys like Young and Moses really do "have Dwayne's back," think of him as a "little bro" and really do still believe he can still be successful in the NFL and are publicly encouraging him to keep at it. We can't all think it's
  7. From @MarkBullockNFL re: Scott Turner's play calling: "Think back to Gruden’s first year or two when McVay was OC. There were a ton of questionable calls and bad looking drives, which Gruden took heat for, but he was taking the heat to allow McVay time to develop..." (1/2) (2/2) "...and learn how to find the rhythm of calling plays in the NFL. Maybe Turner doesn’t turn into anything, but let’s give him time to see what he has. In summary: you can't judge Turner yet b/c of bad game scripts and bad talent. Full article here:
  8. Their quotes mean a ****-ton more than our fan speculation does.
  9. What about Young?...Package him in, too?
  10. I think one "young man" should have been the limit lol...
  11. Let me ask...what was it that anyone saw in Scott Turner's career that made you feel optimistic about his being named OC for the Skins? I didn't even know Norv had a son lol..nonetheless one that was coaching in the NFL. So my only optimism was that my ignorance of his coaching meant he could have been one of those "up and coming" coordinators that have been on GMs' radars. That, and he was Norv's son so maybe some of Norv's better coordinator qualities are entrenched in Scott as well. But that was it. What were the things people liked about Scott Turner before he came
  12. How is KOC leaving Snyder's fault other than him not forcing Rivera to keep him on? What did I miss?
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