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  1. When I said "you" I didn't mean you lol...I meant the universal "you"--meaning anyone who actually believes Ron was "smart" by starting a QB who he knew sucked eggs just so that he could tell Snyder "See? Hey, I tried." Which, to be fair, there only appears to be one person with this mindset lol...
  2. Yeah, I agreed with your earlier post...made perfect sense, especially the part where Rivera had plenty of other options including taking a year off (which he may be regretting not doing right now lol). And I didn't say he left Smith out there to get him injured, I meant that if you start down the path of "Haskins blows but I'm gonna start him anyway to prove I was right" then you by default have to start considering other possibilities like Ron leaving Smith in with the thought that maybe he gets re-injured so that Snyder won't be demanding that Smith be starter, either.
  3. You don't get it. Your Haskins hatred (or entrenched stance) is causing you to miss the point. If Ron thinks Haskins is "garbage" then it's ****ed up coaching to trot him out there for 4 weeks under the guise of "I wanted to be able to say to Snyder I gave him a shot". It wastes a quarter of the season basically knowing he's guaranteeing losses and risks having players be injured all so he can say "See?"...There's no way anyone could be cheering on Rivera manipulating players, games, player's health and even their careers in an effort to amass enough power to bench the QB. That's
  4. If you really think Ron is smart then there's no way you'd believe that. What a ****ed-up way to coach the team. All that would do is spark conspiracies that he purposefully sabotaged Haskins to be able to prove he was right. And that would spiral into a bunch of other conspiracies.
  5. Yeah, this thread's gonna be locked lol...it's been nice knowing you guys.
  6. TheHogSty @TheHogSty How on earth is home/road a factor in a mostly empty stadium and the first possession of overtime determined via coin toss? That makes little sense. Chris Russell AKA The Rooster @Russellmania621 Replying to @TheHogSty That's why I asked and doubled down. Didn't make much sense to me. ************** Yeah, I think fan criticisms of Rivera are rooted in more than just some undying love for Haskins.
  7. I read this in his post: "He would have either decided to roll with Haskins or he would have traded Haskins once Allen was brought in or traded Haskins and drafted Herbert or Tagavailoa." For me anyway, after reading that sentence in his post I wouldn't have reached that conclusion or asked that question.
  8. Rivera deserves praise and support from dealing with cancer while trying to turn this rather large ship around. From all accounts he's a good man having to fight for his life while fighting for the team. This should be inspirational for players, coaches and fans alike. From a purely football perspective, though, he definitely deserves his share of criticism. Some are not letting his health issues be a barrier to doing just that. There have been far more instances where I've been scratching my head in confusion and concern surrounding his decision making and public comments than I w
  9. In my opinion, any undecided moron who gets swayed by a deep fake that is shown to be a deep fake almost immediately after being "leaked" was never undecided to begin with. But were definitely a moron from the start lol... And it would be spotted as a fake almost immediately. Remember the fake memo Dan Rather reported on about George Dubya Bush get preferential treatment to keep him from going to Vietnam? That **** was spotted before the news segment reporting on it was even off the air.
  10. It would damn near impossible for them to do without it being detected.
  11. I think this latest attempt at an October surprise against Biden may be backfiring. It goes so far over the line that many Republican voters (at least on twitter) are like:
  12. I assumed this was posted already...maybe not. Mind you, every part of me KNOWS this is fake lol...I just didn't feel like trying to research it so figured you guys could fill me in.
  13. Can someone fill me in on the "Hunter Biden raping and torturing Chinese childrens" hubbub going around, please?...
  14. My daughter on her wedding day yesterday ...(took it with my iPhone lol)
  15. The entire league is results-oriented, though lol...
  16. I meant it gets flushed down the toilet in the moment lol...kind of like: Ringside manager: "OK, you got this...you can do it. You're quick and powerful...you got the mustache, the sideburns...You got this clown. I believe in you! GO GET 'EM!!" *Bell rings*
  17. That vote of confidence gets flushed down the toilet when it results in a play like that lol...
  18. Fantastic throw followed by an embarrassment of a play lol...
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