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  1. The first several sentences in your post are probably more appropriate for the Tailgate forum than this one. Just a heads up.
  2. I'm assuming that Philly would be behind us since we beat them and have more wins. looking it up, apparently ties count as half a win AND half a loss...so the Giants and Eagles tying while the Redskins (yeah, I said it lol) win would put both behind us.
  3. 1) Yeah, that's why I said "Well, for some people anyway?"...although saying a "large contingent" seems to indicate that you feel most criticism is rooted in little more than love for Haskins. That's rather dismissive in my eyes, and underscores my earlier point. 2) Me personally, I've never experienced a new coach have as many confusing and contradictory statements so early in their tenure as I've experienced with Rivera. I was actually motivated to see if this is how he was while coaching the Panthers but then ordered a pizza instead lol... Add anothe
  4. So you fall into the "only reason people are criticizing Rivera is because of their love for Haskins" camp? Well, for some people anyway? For me, designating Rivera's seemingly contradictory and confusing explanations as "semantics" removes any nuanced discussion about him as a coach, and declares what he's been saying as irrelevant. We end up keeping the extreme opposing views as the main discussion points, which rarely leads to anything worthwhile.
  5. What if the Eagles and Giants tie? I am. It's in my DNA.
  6. Should we ignore contradictions by the head coach, then? I mean, there are extremely valid reasons why we should not. But those reasons seem to be flushed down the toilet a lot in service of maintaining an "In Ron I Trust" view on things. I don't agree with anyone who says Rivera should be fired...that's ludicrous. But I also don't agree with anyone who claims the only reason people are criticizing Rivera is because of their love for Haskins. I know this is ExtremeSkins but we don't always have to break every discussion and debate into the polar opposite extreme stances lol...(not saying you w
  7. Something tells me if that were happening we would have heard about it in one way or another. Players-only meetings aren't exactly a secret or a sign about a coach, they happen regularly over the years.
  8. Players' on-field production and coaches' decisions and explanations require the same thing: The one thing I still value highly from Rivera is his ability to change the culture of the team. Look at how the Cowboys' locker room is imploding with the player leaks to media members about coaches not knowing what they're doing--it's like they have a roster full of DJ Swearingers lol...no WFT players are complaining to media members about coaches or schemes, which I chalk up to Rivera's presence. It's yet another reason I think Haskins' agent's tweet soured him
  9. I think you have to lump them into Starters, Contributors, Rarely Plays, and Off The Team/out of the league...and then compare it to the league average as well as compare it to teams that we tend to believe are the best drafting organizations to really get a feel as to where Kyle Smith's tenure here lays. Is he someone who excels at finding contributors but not necessarily starters? Are a large percentage of his picks no longer on the team or out of the league? Is he good at finding players that fit the coach's scheme? Etc, etc... I remember Bethard absolutely sucking at high round
  10. Nothing about Rivera's answer can be chalked up to "the media just wants drama". I've gotten into it with Russell a ****-ton of times as well, but he was not trying to stir anything up here. Riveras answer would have been like him saying they chose to kick off after winning the coin toss because they didn't want the sun in their eyes to start the game but the game is being played in an indoor stadium. You'd be derelict in your duties as a journalist NOT to question that answer when given the chance.
  11. To that end lol... Three bold predictions for Cowboys in 2020: Dak Prescott takes home MVP honors, Dallas ends Super Bowl drought 1. Cowboys win Super Bowl LV 2. Dak Prescott takes home NFL MVP award 3. Mike McCarthy wins Coach of the Year https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/three-bold-predictions-for-cowboys-in-2020-dak-prescott-takes-home-mvp-honors-dallas-ends-super-bowl-drought/ ESPN analytics say Cowboys top-5 Super Bowl contender in 2020 They give the Cowboys a prediction of 9.3 wins and a 69% change to make the playoffs. Right beh
  12. I would call some of his comments after benching Haskins to be passive-aggressive, basically in terms of calling out Haskins' agent for his tweet without directly doing so.
  13. If I disagree?...to mimic you, I am not the only dude who thinks Rivera's explanations are anything but "nice" ways of putting things. Other observers have said the same. It comes down to not being unnecessarily negative is not the same as being "nice". If anything, Rivera has given mixed signals and confusing explanations for a bunch of his decisions all season. That has also been observed by other dudes, especially in the media. You do that enough, and people start doubting all your explanations as being genuine. Either that, or start wondering if you're completely there.
  14. How is saying you can't win the division with Haskins at QB considered "nice"? lol..."Nice" would have been saying he still needs some seasoning and making him the #2 QB. I don't think being nice played much of a role in things.
  15. Head to head...Did you already block it out of your memory that the Giants beat us 2 days ago?
  16. 4 of the 6 other QBs who went up against the Giants' defense had better passer ratings than Allen did. 2 of the 4 defenses Haskins went up against rank higher than the Giants in terms of: - Passing TDs allowed (Ravens, Cardinals) - Passing TD percentage allowed (Ravens, Cardinals) - Yards per play allowed (Ravens Eagles) 3 of the 4 defenses Haskins went up against rank higher than the Giants in terms of: - Passer rating allowed (Ravens, Browns, Cardinals) - Passing yards allowed (Ravens, Eagles, Cardinals) - Sacks (Ravens, Eagles, Cardinals
  17. It won' matter to their fans...CZ members are done with both McCarthy and Nolan. Beating us will have no effect, expecially if they revert to form the following week. What will be wild to imagine is if the Giants win right along with the WFT...it would mean the Giants at 2-5 are now in 1st place lol...
  18. File this under "At least we're not the Cowboys"...which applies pretty much every day lol... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2914287-cowboys-rumors-unnamed-player-says-coaches-arent-good-at-their-jobs?fbclid=IwAR0KKwXEaYJbmKQt-tgieZD9mrG9efkj2JSKkTPJBntwV9PReGTQ1PsDj40 Following a disastrous 38-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night, frustration seems to be boiling over in the Dallas Cowboys locker room. Per NFL Network's Jane Slater, an unnamed Cowboys player said members of the coaching staff "aren't good at their jobs." Another player said th
  19. I still think the two biggest factors in Ron's decision were his agent's tweet and the abysmal shape of the NFC East. I could add in a 3rd factor of a generic "behind the scenes shtuff" that none of us know about but half of us post as if we do lol... However, I lose confidence in Ron's thinking on football matters almost weekly now, which is unfortunate. His answer as to why he didn't kick the extra point at the end of the Giants game is just mindbogglingly confusing.
  20. I responded to you because you quoted me lol... I just sought to clarify something I felt you misunderstood from the post you were quoting (the whole Alex Smith thing).
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