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  1. I already did a page or two ago....why isn't that enough? lol...
  2. I don't believe he said that Columbus discovered America. He said he ran into an immovable object, not that he was the first one to do so. Also, everyone...might wanna pull back on the political **** while in the stadium. Got a few threads in Tailgate that'll work fine for this line of discussion (and I'm guilty of this, too lol). Just a thought.
  3. Is it possible we will end up hitting on picks 1, 2, 3, and 3? That would be an outstanding draft, would break the 2nd round bust curse, and make everyone say "Kyle who, again?"...
  4. Or unless he tests positive and ends up passing it to other players on the team and they have to be quarantined for a week or however long it is. Being a really good but really stupid player gets negated when your stupidity keeps you (and others) off the field.
  5. Don't tell me this mf'er wouldn't be typing the **** out of "lol" if he were on ES lol...
  6. LOL!... It's not fierce enough, though...looks like the family pet who's staring at a bug in the corner lol.
  7. Even better: "There are black n*****s and there are white n*****s..." I was told that in college by a white girl who I had become friends with and who was coming on to me at a party while we danced. Some hometown friends had come up to visit her one weekend while I was in her dorm room, and I stayed while they talked. She mentioned that a guy had cut her off on the road and while recounting what happened said angrily "Then this n****r cut me off..."---her friends' eyes grew REAL wide lol, and they looked at me. Then she looked up at me and her expression went to "Oh, ****' real qui
  8. Also, note that our WR corps is ranked 19th...our RB unit is ranked 19th...our QB is ranked 19th (lol).....and the OLine is ranked 16th. So the offense is pretty much ranked the same across the board.
  9. Ok updated yet again to include Secondary, Receiving Corps, and RB Units. Also have a point system going for each NFC East team--and yes, we have more points than the rest of the division lol..
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