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  1. Yeah, that's what makes "starting-level weapons" be weapons...they rarely make those types of mistakes. They are reliable in that regard, which helps a young QB during his development. Talent level doesn't make a player a weapon. They don't become a weapon until they learn to minimize those types of mistakes, and can be counted on to propel the offense forward instead of doing those things that end up stopping drives. Right now we don't have enough of those.
  2. Pretty sure "we have no weapons on offense" is meant as "we don't have nearly enough starting-level weapons on offense", and not "nobody on offense can do anything."
  3. One huge reason for those promising numbers is that people were constantly given the bad news and cautionary tales and acted on them accordingly. Had everyone "tuned out" the media on COVID things would be much worse than it is now.
  4. I think I wandered into the wrong thread again lol.... This is the same fan/media logic that had Kyle Allen starting the season and Cam Newton signing here 64 seconds after being released.
  5. Teams don't have to be fair, just smart. Granted, that's not exactly been our forte' over the years (as a team or as fan base lol)...
  6. Are you getting me mixed up with someone else? lol..you're arguing stances I never took or posted. My only comment about Allen was in giving a possible explanation as to why "he needs more time" is being attached to Haskins more than to Allen.
  7. Outside of ignoring context (which you are labeling as "excuses"), I'm not sure why you responded to my earlier post with this thought process.
  8. I would say Haskins needs more time more than Allen due to: 3 different head coaches, including one who allegedly didn’t want him on the team 3 different offensive coordinators 3 different offensive schemes Several games with nothing but rookie WRs—a rookie QB playing with 3 rookie WRS hadn’t happened in something like 40 years No viable TE Highly dysfunctional coaching staff Even more dysfunctional front office Franchise with a ton of off-field controversy and distractions Zero continuity Then on top of that: No OTAs th
  9. Well... "All things considered", to me anyway, should mean considering the playing situation Haskins was dropped into last year which Allen never experienced (hell, no rookie QB I can think of has lol). Said before that pretty much all of our rookies last year should be graded on a gigantic curve, whether it's Haskins or Mclaurin. I do agree that the "we know who he is" argument in relation to Allen makes zero sense...we have no idea who he could become ("we" meaning fans lol). I would like the team to (finally) develop a young, talented QB the right way for once. I can
  10. Few people know this, but that was the original name for the show "Starsky & Hutch"...
  11. Don't mean this in any type of malicious way, but I'm guessing Trent will be joining him soon on the Miss Games Due To Injury list...not that I've heard anything, but neither of these guys could stay healthy during their last 3+ years here.
  12. It never becomes a complete roster evaluation year.
  13. Which is exactly why the Chargers benched Brees for Doug freakin' Flutie in his third year, why his teammates were complaining about his play behind the scenes, and why they drafted Brees' replacement in his fourth year...because they could tell he was gonna be good.
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