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  1. I doubt players feel the same and think the same as fans...and if Trent is worried about his health and career at this stage of the game and on the wrong side of 30, doesn't seem like "rolling the dice" is a smart move at all.
  2. True, but he at least sounds incredibly competent, confident, and knowledgeable in that video I posted.
  3. So then why ask to be traded?...He wouldn't control where he ends up.
  4. Don't you mean how do you break it to Katy Perry?... *Your wife asked me to post this...
  5. John Keim @john_keim Gruden said Derrius Guice has been cleared and will not be limited. Julie Donaldson @JDonaldsonNBCS Gruden says it is in fact a QB battle, plans to share reps evenly. Keenum/Haskins/McCoy. I’m curious to see how long that lasts before one takes over the lead.
  6. Ty is being given a legitimate chance to start with the Bills, one we would not have given him without the threat of Trent holding out all season (which was unknown when he signed with the Bills and is probably not gonna happen anyway). He is also gonna receive about double what he would have been paid by staying with the Skins. Ty had a say so in this, yanno lol...other than paying the guy $10M per year to sit on the bench or trading Trent back in Jan/Feb in order to keep a guy who is 3 years older and nowhere near as good, he was gonna walk no matter what.
  7. The legend of my "LOL" powers is growing lol...
  8. I agree that tweet by Sharp is pretty much without any context. For starters, Bruce Allen picks should be analyzed from 2014 onward. Sharp completely ignores that Shanahan had complete control over personnel written into his contract, and made sure everyone knew this when he first came on board. 25 of the 34 players Sharp lists as either out of the league or free agents were drafted during the 4 years under Shanahan. Second, I think the average career of an NFL player is 4 years, isn't it?...That would seem to indicate that most teams have similar track records in terms
  9. I imagine it would go something like this lol...
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