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  1. This must be at that same golf course...I love the Scottish lol...(NSFW)
  2. My daughter and her new spouse have to self-quarantine for 2 weeks after coming in contact with someone who later tested positive. They found out Wednesday evening so we didn't get together for Thanksgiving. They are getting tested today so keeping my fingers crossed and praying every test they take comes back negative.
  3. Just a reminder lol... https://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=30379530
  4. I think Kerrigan's done that 2 times early in his career as well...
  5. i'm assuming you've been told this already but this that's not true lol...he had 5 TDs before Smith became starter, not one.
  6. After never overcoming a deficit at any point in 2018 to even tie the game, Alex Smith has overcome a deficit in all of his three starts this season.
  7. If you thought the typos were bad lol...holy ****. Takealookatthisunreadablegarbage § I ampostingrightnow ¶ ¶
  8. Who the **** is John? - Boom!
  9. Jennifer Taub @jentaub Oh “In the Georgia complaint, which was only available on Powell’s website, the word district in the court name was misspelled twice on the first page of the document. First there was an extra c for ‘DISTRICCT’ and then, a few words later, ‘DISTRCOICT.’
  10. Is AP remaining quiet while getting limited carries with the Lions or is he complaining? It may be time to throw away the "AP will throw a fit if he's not getting enough carries because of four years ago" narrative.
  11. "Abumrad knew next to nothing about the beloved megastar with big, blond hair..." Hair.
  12. I'm just wildly speculating here from Rapoport's article...but I think the team might want Smith back next year.
  13. Winning doesn't hurt us, either. The only people who think it hurts us are the ones who believe you can only become a consistently winning franchise if you have a top 5 draft pick. I would guess that teams that constantly have top 5 draft picks tend to stay mediocre while the most successful franchises always emphasize winning and are successful no matter where they are drafting.
  14. As for the division standings, when three teams have the same W/L record: Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games among the clubs) - In games among the clubs, Giants are 2-1 (.66), Cowboys are 1-1 (.50), and we are 1-2 (.33). That's why we are last. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference Strength of victory Strength of schedule Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and p
  15. EDit: didn't look at the date lol...nevermind.
  16. When I was a kid my mom would be up past midnight preparing the food and then would start cooking around 6:00 am. Id wake up to the house smelling amazing and would try and sneak some (uncooked) stuffing past her lol... As an adult if we went to my sister's house (she was married with kids) we'd order about 4 pizzas and all of us would stay up past midnight eating, drinking, and shooting the **** about everything. Nobody got up at 6 am to cook... Now? Now I hang out on a Redskins message board (yeah, I said it lol) drinking a Diet Coke and still shooting the ****--mostl
  17. Considering the Chase Young thread was started 4 months before the 2020 draft while the Mclaurin thread was started on the 2nd day of the 2019 draft, I'm not at all surprised lol...plus, CY had just a massive amount of hype surrounding him so he generated far more discussion. By contrast, it's like damn near nobody here knew who TM was until we drafted him.
  18. Hey, no politics in the Stad---oh wait. You meant Mclaurin... Nevermind.
  19. I think the take away here is that Wildbunny knows there is no difference between 7 days and a week.
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