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  1. AllenGibbs

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Sorry to hear about your predicament. My experience today with the ticket office was similar. We have had season tickets going back to the Griffith Stadium days (75+ years). When I called to find out where they are, I was told that since 2 tickets to a PRESEASON game had been sold on ticketexchange, NONE of my tickets or parking passes would be shipped. We paid $8200 for six season tickets and 2 parking passes and this was paid back in April....over 4 months ago. And since two seats to a preseason game were sold, nothing from the $8200 season ticket package would be shipped, including the couple of freebie souvenirs that even non-season ticket holders received. This is the last year for season tickets for us. I never thought I would say that. I was hopeful that the new people in business operations would emphasize improved customer relations and communications. But I haven't seen it yet. The communication is nonexistent. Like you said, I never would have discovered this unless I had called them. I like the people that sit around us, and we have become great friends over the years. But they are done after this season, too. They are tired of the non-communication and the lack of added value of owning season tickets. When you are required to pay thousands of dollars by April 2nd, and then the season ticket holder rules become very nebulous, and they are not communicated to us, it leads to an unsatisfactory experience and unnecessary stress. Also, all season ticket holders are charged a $25 shipping fee. What happens to that fee when nothing is shipped? It is just a drop in the bucket, but is it ethical to keep that money? It is the principle that counts. Today was an eye opener. I have a feeling there are many more in this same situation. Peace!
  2. AllenGibbs

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Yes, the preseason games are priced at about 50% of last year's prices. And the (8) regular season games are all listed on the ticket at the same price. About 12.5% higher than last year's per game price. The total of all 10 games is exactly 100% of the invoice amount. Also, the price printed on the tickets INCLUDES the PG County taxes. Nice that the ticket office went back to that method of displaying the true cost of the ticket.
  3. AllenGibbs

    Season Ticket Renewals

    The majority of season tickets will be delivered by this Friday. Some people may receive them as soon as tomorrow (Wednesday).
  4. AllenGibbs

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Here is a summary of what has happened during the last two weeks (June 2012). These are my observations from this thread and what I have heard and my personal experience: 1. Some 400 Level people have been upgraded to the 100 or 200 Level. 2. Some Club Level people have been upgraded to the Lower Level, if they had an agreement in place with the Redskins. 3. Some 200 Level STH have been upgraded to other 200 Level sections. 4. One person (S&S) was moved from the 100 Level to the 200 Level, as requested. 5. Not aware, yet, of a single person that has been upgraded from a 100 Level section TO another 100 Level section during the 2012 Upgrade process. I paid early, in full. I have had tickets since RFK. My family has had them since Griffith Stadium. My seats (pair) are currently in the 100 level endzone. I requested simple upgrade with no preference re: home or visitor side. I have not received an upgrade yet, nor has anyone in my family (or my wife's). Yet, people in the 400 level, with less seniority, are reporting upgrades much closer to midfield. Doesn't seem to be fair at all...... It appears that if you had 100 Level seats in 2011, you will have the same 100 level seats in 2012, unless you request a move to the 200 Level.