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  1. sign a WR like Samuel or a Marvin Jones type & hope Fitzmagic can stay healthy for at least 14 games & this offense should be exciting imo & who knows might be more threathing then anytime last season
  2. Agreed right now he is ... if Haskins can improve I think we have a diamond in the rough in Logan Thomas too.. Haskins missed him several times Sunday once clearly straight down the middle over threw him.... Inman has a nice game Sunday but doubt he does that consistently I think too that Gibson is a stud they need to implement him more in the game though
  3. Vikings 31 Skins 10 even without 1 of their 2 WR’s... (Thelian) Diggs .. Cook... and even Rudolph carry them to a easy W and our Offense will once again be non existent save for 1 or 2 bright plays
  4. well both played/play for franchises that seem unable to get it right... hopefully the only comparison the 2 have... Thomas retired way too early...(guess the Browns losing every season will do that to a great player) but McLaurin will in all likely hood only play out his rookie contract here then go elsewhere... hopefully not but more then possible
  5. Is the play of #17 Terry McLaurin... definitely our #1 and a bright light in what thus far is a depressing season. Just hoping that he continues to get better and that the offense around him improves. And his talents these next few season don’t go to waste. Just imagine if this offense was clicking on all cylinders what (absent his DP against the Giants) his showing would be. A glimmer of light in a very dark season !!
  6. I liked what I heard from Callahan ... specially when he said wants to establish a identity and run the ball... be a 2 down team, 1st down then 2nd down back to 1st down and saying you have to be willing and able to run the football
  7. After seeing the crowd at the Boys, Bears & yesterday’s game a new stadium would be the worse thing that could happen to this fan base . Im 1 of the stupid people that continue to renew my season tickets (sorry but being a skins fan is all I know) shoot I couldn’t even sell my Bears tickets for way below face value .... if and when a new Stadium deal is struck you know darn well that Synder will put those PSL’s in place and the regular everyday blue collar worker will be priced out so what we have seen here lately as far as fans of opposing teams taking over it wi
  8. I’d love to say no but I can’t... the Spurrier era with Shane Matthews & Danny Weuffel were bad (probably a bit worse) but this team has proven talent in this league and the results are far worse then those teams under Spurrier.... this team in every aspect is bad. The 2 best players hands down are our Punter and a rookie at WR who unfortunately missed yesterday’s game.. other then those 2 nobody has stepped up... and please Landon Collins wow can’t say anything good bout that signing....the entire Defense looks like they are responding to everything instead of making things happen...
  9. Selling 2 Tickets these are my personal seats for Tomorrow Nights MNF Game against the Bears below Face Value !!! Section 414 Row 1 and for fast and easy transaction can via email through my Skins Account Electronically transfer tickets to Buyer $125.00 total for both seats Please email me if interested : snjalways2001@comcast.net Shawn Freeman
  10. I hate comparing the success of players and teams cause each situation is different, I will say this though that 1 can argue that Haskins coming out of college is better then Tribusky & Goff and both of these players were with different HC their first season....Tribusky with Fox and actually took over for Glennon and Goff with Fisher and he too played and then flourished under a new HC their 2nd season.... so it doesn’t always equal gloom & doom for situations as mentioned above
  11. Of the teams you mentioned the only team that surprises me by not taking him is the Bengals.... say what you want but the Giants for whatever reason viewed D.Jones higher... Denver feels Flacco is their man for a few season (but don’t be surprised if they don’t nab Drew Lock today in the 2nd)..... and the Fins are tanking and in 2020 will nab their future QB... imho it wasn’t or isn’t a knack on Haskins...those teams just went in a different direction and I don’t think we need to look into that as they didn’t value Haskins highly
  12. I heard it yesterday and couldn’t believe it so I googled it myself. Tyrod Taylor got a 2yr 30,500.00 deal from the Browns (even in a great season he wasn’t worth that) so I’m wondering if he really would come cheap to the Skins or any other team for that matter?
  13. So then our QB situation would be Dalton, McCoy & say Drafted QB as the 3rd.... I be fine with that scenario if it happened. My only hope then would be not to draft a guy any higher then the 3rd or 4th then. im going to get blasted for saying this, but has anyone ever thought that if the OL got better and we actually had more targets then our TE when healthy that maybe just maybe Colt McCoy wouldn’t be that bad (and stays healthy) I mean I’m old enough to remember that Mark Rypien wasn’t anything to write home about, he was Jay Schroeder back up for years and I could even go a
  14. I just watched a clip on NFL.com saying that Tannehill and Flacco could be 2 possibilities for the Skins..... at this point of the season I think all these ppl just report things and ideas for the sake of staying busy.....last I checked Zac Taylor was going to be the new HC for the Bengals....really know nothing bout the guy but he was a QB at Nebraska but when did he cross paths with Tannehill?
  15. Id be ok with getting a guy in the 4th or 5th solely as a back up to Colt or a possible FA but to many holes to address in the first 3 or 4 rounds.... and as far as Grier is concerned I was never sold on him as a NFL QB but after watching him in the senior bowl I’m even more concerned of him even being a legit back up.....but just my opinion
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