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  1. I think I am surprised at myself about how quickly I am climbing aboard the hope train. I have hated the way this team has been run since Snyder owned the team and so 20 years of it have made me as apathetic and hopeless as could be possible. Yet, they fire Bruce and talk of getting Rivera suddenly has me hopeful just like I was when they got Marty, then Gibbs 2.0, then Shanahan, then McCloughan. I guess we'll see. After saying that, I guess I'm cautiously optimistic too.
  2. Heaven help me, I'm getting pumped up about this. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on me, fool me (x = x + 1) times shame on me ... I can't help it, I am so hoping this 2 decade nightmare will be over and Rivera, along with a capable FO, can right the ship.
  3. They're going to be awful. They're probably the worst team in arguably the worst division in the NFC. Who are they better than? Maybe Tampa? The Cardinals? Strap in for probably the ugliest year in a long time. They'll start either 0-5 or 1-4 if they beat the Giants. I'd bet 0-5.
  4. That's an excellent post, and one I agree with.
  5. The removal of Portis has contributed to it, yes. Portis dogs the guys blocking for him, dogs the coaches and sometimes I think he thinks he is the coach. I have no doubt that he whispers in little Danny's ears about what he thinks are the problems, and that is part of the problem. Not to mention, he pouts, he doesn't practice, but most importantly he is not doing anything to justify receiving the star treatment. He is slow, he doesn't make the big plays, he doesn't score a lot of touchdowns, he falls down, he runs into the backs of our own guys ... I mean, he is average and pretty much ha
  6. Yes, and it has been confirmed by the spark we have without him.
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