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  1. Not sure if Zorn will be consulted, but Gibbs was in fact consulted when he came to DC in '81. I asked him about it at the time. He said he chose white because he said it was what he was used to (which probably referred to the Chargers wearing white at home when he was an assistant there). Man, I had no idea then what history was about to be made in those white jerseys! As someone who remembers as far back as Lombardi, I miss the burgundy at home but, like a lot of people, I'm don't like the white pants too much. I'm definitely not in favor of burgundy pants, though. The best course is
  2. I thought the Skins were going to wear the yellow R helmets and throwback jerseys today. I was looking forward to it. Anyone know when they'll wear them this year? Thanks :logo:
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