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  1. Passive-agressive Robert is alive and well... Still looking over his shoulder at Cousins...
  2. If we let Haskins go, does he have to give Joey T's number back... Just wondering...
  3. Haskin's problem is not his arm, it's his immaturity and inability to completely apply himself...
  4. Seems like last year's draft they cut to a commercial when the Skin's time to draft came up also.... I really think it is because of Snyder's refusal to change the name of the team... Passive Aggressive behavior going on there...
  5. Sonny Jurgenson and Charlie Taylor giving the Cowboys fits.... Seems like it was a night game.
  6. Loving this off season..... Nothing flashy but good solid Blue Collar, Good Character guys that you can count on. Not the a$$hats like Norman and Swearinger who were always whining about something... Team first guys.... I think this thing is finally headed in the right direction after 20 years of piss poor football. (with the exception of Joe G.) It will be refreshing to no longer be the laughingstock of the NFC... Danny Boy really screwed it up when he fired Schottenheimer. That team played some good defense.... and I feel this team will get to that too...
  7. And just what this team needed...
  8. Jay just got a promotion today! Feel happy for the guy. Probably playing golf right now collecting his paycheck. Next stop Oakland... Will miss his humor.... Best of luck. But, a change was needed... Too bad Danny boy's girlfriend Bruce is still there....
  9. Sue is a fraud and a manipulative liar. Glad he is gone. Time to move on....
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