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  1. Actually, S&S I have no problem with what the TO is doing. They are trying to make rev. with club seats and offering Skin fans SLs in the process if they are willing to pay for 1 year of clubs. I didn't want to go that route but there is nothing wrong with that. Also, I mentioned my move just to show that I don't think very many were moved to SLs this year.

    To be honest, I didn't think I was moving despite what seems to be a high turnover year based on overall record (6-10) and home record (2-6; 3-7 counting preseason games).

    If anything the Skins automated upgrade system seems to be doing a good job; except for R. Osaka not getting moved from 108 and a few other stories of people not getting moved.

  2. Well, we've heard of no sideline upgrades on the LL at all. Maybe the sideline STHs just did not give up their seats. would you? And there is no guarantee of an upgrade. I know we were all hoping for major upgrades because of the lockout and the economy and poor play....but maybe sideline seats just do not open up often. Now that I think about it someone did get moved to section 106....kind of where I had hoped to get moved.

    Conspiracy Theory S&S: I was offered (as many of you probably as well) clubs by the TO for 2011 with the promise that if/when I opted out in 2012, that I would be moved to sideline LL. I seriously considered it but there is just no way I could justify ponying up the money to pay off the balance that they said I would have if I took them up on the offer. My opinion, in 2011/2012 this has become the new version of the TD club. Remember, in previous years the TO offered LL tickets to UL STHers if they joined the club level for a season. Now that many ULs are getting moved to LL, this is the only offer to get GA ticket holders to join the clubs if only for 1 season.

    Thus, little to no upgrades to sidelines.

    Granted I did get moved from 108 to 106, but 108/107 and 106 are pretty much in the same area. IE I don't consider 106 a sideline, just closer to the SL.

  3. What is most hysterical about this is that guy with that face is going to be the NFL MVP this year and he will lead his team to back to back Super Bowl titles. That "Manning Face" by the end of the year instead of making you laugh, it will make you sick. It's so great having such an unlikely hero. It really seems to bother people that this unsuspecting mug goes out and tears teams apart every sunday. LMAO

    Nope....it will always make me laugh. Just like your posts did before you got banned.

  4. Would anybody like to see the Redskins add a Gold or a Black colored jersey as an alternative to wearing their white or burgundy tops? Keep in mind there are already several teams that have THREE tops to pick from on game day...not just two. The Lions, Eagles, and Jags wear black on occasion. A shiney GOLD jersey similar to the jersey worn by Georgia Tech players could be quite fashionable. Any thoughts?

    Not really.

    But Gold with Burgundy numbers like the QBs wear in OTAs/Training Camp might be interesting.

    Like this: