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  1. I liked ECW when it was a rebel outfit.....being part of the WWE loses that appeal, but Vince will find a way to keep it interesting. Still like TNA but was always more of a WCW fan than a WWE fan.........
  2. Hey....I saw that guy outside the stadium after we won!!!!! It's a small world after all........
  3. Ok you photoshop knuckle heads..... .....here's 2 of the worst album covers of all time.....Merge them with Mr. Eli.
  4. Yikes....mutants. Conan O'Brien would be proud (he did alot of the people merging in his show).
  5. So Peyton hooked up with LaFonda and I can see both at the DOJO mastering bostick and numb-chuck skills :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  6. Pics for a "Why we'll beat the Giants" thread????
  7. LOL:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I've got a picture of me with with Buges (at Fan appreciation day) might post it later.
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