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  1. Yes. BTW....in this thread the whole outfit down to the socks are mentioned
  2. If you haven't seen the jerseyjoe pic., then you'll be in for a treat. The jersey isn't radically different from our current whites, but they do look pretty sweet.
  3. I'm not sure why either......but the jersey is supposed to be available around week 3 (Baltimore) or the preseason.
  4. Never!!! (cue campy and sinister Dr. Evil type laugh)
  5. Man, that is a nice job. If only we could see that in reality :notworthy
  6. Yes, Jersey- white throwback from 1970-1971 year Helmet- Yellow R throwback Pants-Gold Socks- red and yellow stripes (see Portis and Taylor in 2005) My understanding we'll only see it in 2 home games: Miami and ? (maybe Philly?) Also, my understanding is that the jersey will be available for sale as a replica style but not until after week 3 of the preseason.
  7. With the debate in the NFL about concussions and increased suicide and depression rates with multiple concussed former football players, I kind of wonder if concussions and other related head trauma played a role in this. I mean Benoit took alot of head hits in the day, examples: Flying Headbutts (did it alot) Super Suplexes (from the top rope- every time he did it he always seemed to get hurt) Chairs to the head- who hasn't in the WWE, WCW, ECW hasn't been hit in the head with a garbage can, chair, ladder etc.? combine that with: former and probably current steriod use, low testoerone le
  8. I hope this is some BS spin storyline.. Benoit was a really great technical wrestler. I will always remember his days as a Horseman with Malenko, Flair and Anderson. Way too young to be dead.
  9. Yep, if you meant the socks......THEY ARE IN!!!!! It will be a crazy look but if it makes the players (especially Portis and Taylor) happy and winning, I'm all for it.
  10. Not sure why also, but my understanding they won't be available for purchase until after the third preseason game and they'll only be available in replicas.
  11. Current uni's aren't changing (now whether our current unis are the white/burgundy or white/white I have no clue), this is a throwback to commemerate the 75th. It will be used for a few games as the alternate jersey (like what the Bills have done, the Cowboys "star" unis, the Ravens all black unis and San Diego's Power Blues). Why it's being done? $$$ Alternate jerseys sell, same with the Tees and the hat. I probably buy a throwback jersey this year (If they make a Jansen one). Alot of fans like a little variety now and then (just look how many talk about ANY changes to the uniform in the pa
  12. Yeah, I want to see and buy them as well (But hopefully we can see some more "core" authentics like Sellers or Jansen)
  13. Somebody call Ricky Williams!!!!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  14. Unless they issue "retro" jerseys in legendary Redskins players (Mann, Rypien, Butz, Coleman ,Warren, Jacoby etc.) I think I'll pass. I've been burned enough with buying current players like Bailey, Davis and Arrington :mad: so from now on I'll be getting throwbacks If the Skins do start to win again, maybe it will be worth getting a Campbell jersey-- but if they go nowhere it would be like owing a Stephen Davis or Brad Johnson (or even worse Deion Sanders or Bruce Smith)
  15. It's Giants week.... BUMP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. :notworthy :notworthy Eli............ and a Devastatin' Dave reference :applause: Gold star and bonus points to PCS :point2sky
  17. :laugh: Y'know this thread will still be going long after Eli has retired........ BWHAHAHAHAHA
  18. Didn't Dexter have a line about "I hate the Cowboys, they Suck"
  19. Ok, if anybody does a sig. bet with Tom [Giants Fan] this year......that's what he'll have to use if he loses the bet. :laugh:
  20. Watched ECW last night and here's what I thought: The Good: They stuck with the "low-budget" aspects of the original ECW. It's not the fireworks and contstant waaaayyyyy too long monologing of the WWE stuff. Not flashy, but it's ECW not WCW or WWE and that's good. The Sandman.....wow, that guy is just crazy. Also nice to see Sabu(wasn't he in TNA?), Justin Credible. Liked the new Kurt Angle.....he wrestled techinically, but was just sick in how he destroyed Justin Credible. Nice to see RVD with 2 belts. Nice DX commercial in btw segemnts. The Bad. Too much WWE "inter-war" stuff (remem
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