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  1. :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim: :banhim:
  2. No. Wacky packs....... Man, I miss them. You buy a magazine and then you added the stickers (buy them like baseball cards). I don't know what ever happened to mine......mom probably threw it away. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wacky_Packs
  3. Steve Czaban with bulging eyes? compare to actual pic
  4. did you see the line in bottom right hand corner?
  5. In honor of Eli's MVP and the Giants SB.... Mega-drunken, have to hear about this **** for the next 8 months BUMP
  6. Somebody get Hollywood on the phone right now, this is as good as half the crap that is being made even when the writers were working. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  7. Hero to fat guys who drink waaaaaaaayyyy too much, smoke and play golf. A Real Man of Genius.......
  8. Y'know it's GIANTS WEEK.....the Fun with Eli's pick is back :point2sky :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  9. no. I want the Skins to play up to their abilities tonight. Whatever they want to wear is fine with me if it can get them to do that.
  10. NEVER, EVER get a personalized jersey from NFL SHOP......they always **** it up. My personalized replica....the colors on the stripes were burgundy, but the numbers were KC Chiefs red. I bought my wife a customized jersey that had riggins nam and # on it and it's peeling off (she wore it once). I'll never buy from them again. Reebok, Cbssportsline/mvp.com, ESPN all have sent me some very nice jerseys over the years.
  11. ebay I got this for $55. see post #149 in this thread: http://www.extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4123194#post4123194
  12. Originally I had heard they'd be doing it for a couple of games. Now, the Redskins have confirmed only 1 home game. My guess: 1. Bears- a primetime (NFL Network) game at home. 2. Eagles- also celebrating their 75th. We'd wear ours, they'd wear their butt ugly throwbacks.
  13. whether it's throwbacks or the regular whites......white is a better color for the opener since it's going to be in the upper 80's on Sunday
  14. Even ROMOMANIA has to say: **** the Cowboys BROTHER!!!!!!!!
  15. :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd: :wewantd:
  16. BTW, Props goes to MVPWilliams17 it's his pic. and his work and just thought it looked great
  17. There appears that there will be a throwback available in week three of the preseason.......but it is an actual throw back and not a current with a patch.
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