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  1. For the past 2 seasons, the team scheduled to play the defending Stanley Cup Champion at the start of the regular season on the night of the banner raising ceremony, has at least made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, such as Washington last year visiting Pittsburgh and Boston this year visiting Washington. If Boston wins it all this year, then it might be tempting to place a wager in Las Vegas next trip on whoever their opponent is during the banner raising ceremony next season to win it all.
  2. I think the intent was to get Oshie more involved in the game, and for Wilson to help provide a spark to the second line to get them contributing more. Hopefully, Bura will take advantage of being promoted to the third line to help with their production as well. If the fourth line doesn't increase its contribution in the next game or so, then we can always bring up DSP to possibly ignite that line as well.
  3. Ask, and ye shall receive... https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/04/17/capitals-shake-up-lineup-search-game-spark/?utm_term=.34eab8bcfb60 "On defense, Jonas Siegenthaler appears as he will push into the lineup in place of Christian Djoos."
  4. And now Barry Trotz can start game planning against us starting tonight, and you know he REALLY wants this match-up to prove the Capital's MGMT wrong for not paying up to keep him last year. Better figure out the Kempny workaround before this series is over, as that will be probably be the first place that Trotz looks to exploit.
  5. A couple of thoughts: Seeing Ovechkin drop the gloves to fight seemed pretty surreal at the time, and I believe probably through off his teammates a bit, processing the event. I know I was pretty stunned to witness him knock out his opponent so thoroughly. Also, the Caps had failed to elevate their level of play thus far in the playoffs, partially due to the play of their opponent prior to today. Now that Carolina has raised their level of play due to desperation, I believe the Caps will have to respond next game, but need to clean up their defensive zone exits and fi
  6. New York Islanders lost again tonight, so we're still maintaining a 3 point lead, with 8 games remaining.
  7. With the Cavs and Warriors sweeping all of their opponents, it would be interesting to learn what the rest of the owners are saying behind the scenes regarding lost revenue (minimal games played) and the lack of competitive balance. Sure, Adam Silver puts on a happy face in public, but I'm sure that everyone else is not too happy.
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