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  1. Better Call Saul has to be a top 3 show on tv right now. The final 10 min in last night’s episode...pure perfection
  2. Gotta finish this game with defense. Michigan is getting a lot of easy buckets the last 10 min of the game
  3. Gotta win tonight or they will probably be looking at a 4 seed unless they make a run in the Big Ten Tournament.
  4. Gotta win two to get the top seed in the B10 tourney. I expect either Penn St (Albert unlikely) or Wisconsin (more likely) to win out. Wisconsin has been rolling
  5. Parker never fit the new direction they were heading in so it doesn’t surprise me he isn’t coming back
  6. I think Troy Brown Jr is going to make a nice jump this year. I like the smoothness of his game.
  7. I can’t wrap my head around Tobias Harris being a 36mil/year player.
  8. I think it could end up being a really solid pick. But, you want more out of a top ten pick
  9. Now that NO has the 8th pick, they might take Hayes since they don’t really have a decent 5. Could push Reddish down to Washington.
  10. I saw an interesting trade proposal on Bleacher Report: TJ Warren for Mahimi and a future 1st (lottery protected in 2020 and turns in to 2 2nds after that) Id do that in a second
  11. We need young talent so we better buy a 2nd round pick tonight
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