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  1. I read through the whole thing, and my take away is more subtle especially as time went on. Every time I get down on the Eagles, and start complaining about the coaches, front office, or the players I come back to Washington and think wow it could be a lot worse. Washington fans have been reduced to complaining about other teams misfortunes because looking in the mirror is too painful.. A good Washington Redskin football team would make everyone better, and it would bring back more competition to this woefully inadequate division.
  2. It's just another tough time for Redskin fans who seem to be well versed in losing over the last couple decades. I can see the Redskin fan base migrating over to the Eagles fan base where winning is a tradition with a competent front office, and coaching staff. My thoughts and prayers are with you. :-)
  3. I bet there's a whole bunch of guys on the Eagles defense chuckling about that
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