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  1. He's evaluating everyone and seeing what we need to do in the off-season. He is also giving Haskins a chance to see what he's got. I told my wife and everyone, even after the week one win, we are not good and don't get your hopes up. However I do like the direction he is going. It's not going to be fixed in a season and it's not a win now mentality. That has not worked for us in the past and he was specifically bright in to change the status quo and the culture.
  2. I see the team stepping up and coming away with an unlikely victory in the second half. 24-14
  3. I cringe every time I see a play go towards Apke. Also the left side of the O-Line is abysmal.
  4. I have to say this was a very pleasant surprise. The team is behind both Rivera and Haskins. I love that Haskins was vocal at halftime and throughout the game. Also I love how the players have bought in. I was not expecting to have a win for this game and neither am I expecting any wins down the line. Even Rivera was like we'll see where we are at for this game. Any wins this year is icing on the cake to me since Rivera was brought in to change the culture. As a part of that he is retooling the team and seeing where we are at. I love how the players are responding espe
  5. I noticed it too. It was concerning to me. I really don't want to see him get hurt! I would love for him to take Haskins under his wrong like he did with Mahomes and be a backup. I tell you what though. If I was a lineman and he was my quarterback, no one, and I mean no one, would come through me to him.
  6. I hope it isn't true, but I like the swift and decisive action taken by Ron.
  7. Hopefully not! I hope that the NFL puts in place a set of guidelines and hopefully that Dan needs to stay out of the building and operations!
  8. I think you are definitely right. I think Dan stepped back when it came to Gibbs II and I am HOPING that Dan will now do the same with Rivera. Let Rivera salvage our organization!
  9. I believe he is. No nonsense, fair, business-like, straight-shooter that everyone knows where they stand. There is an accountability with him. I believe he is exactly what the organization needs.
  10. I believe she is calling out all the other reporters that kept hyping the article, like they knew what it was about, but really they knew nothing.
  11. The culture has to change. It needs to be run professionally with Dan Snyder out of the office. Dan let it get to that point where they were running around like they were at a Frat. I do believe that Rivera was brought in for this exact reason, to change the culture from top to bottom and make it very professional.
  12. I honestly hope it's something to honor Native Americans such as Warriors or something along those lines
  13. Smart, tall, catches everything, great character...love it. Liking our wide receivers
  14. I will say my son loves Josh Norman. He got to meet him at training camp and Norman was awesome with him. He definitely will land on his feet since he was very professional handling his benching. Good luck Josh.
  15. I was really just jamming to some Kool and the Gang. Thank you
  16. I just know that every play that involved Norman, passing was awful. Without Norman it was a completely different defense.
  17. Well you have to factor in the time that Josh Norman was on the field.
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