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  1. Don't care. Washington won. The eagles were losing into the fourth quarter before benching Hurts yet the media wants us to believe that Hurts would have definitely led the eagles to a win? I don't do hypotheticals. We won and are playing Tampa Bay next Saturday. Joe Judge can cry all he wants while he watches Washington play next Saturday.
  2. He was saying that the Giants had 10 other chances to win one additional game and have the same record as us and win the division
  3. Definitely struggling but you know a lot of coaches aren't sold on anything but a drop back passer. Definitely agreeing with you
  4. I'm not sold on him. He had Olave wide open and overthrew him. Two downs later he threw over the middle too high when no one was around his wide receiver. That being said, he is dominating.
  5. I would love Parsons on this defense. Talk about fun to watch.
  6. I thought he was a breath of fresh air after watching Haskins. He was making reads, checking down, running for first downs. He looked like an actual quarterback.
  7. I am usually very optimistic but I don't think we are close. We need linebackers, corners, safeties, offensive line, etc. We have a fantastic defensive line base but need to really work on offensive line and our secondary on defense.
  8. Not sure where I ever said that I accept that. On the contrary you can see where I wished Jordan Reed would retire before he did any permanent damage. I love watching football, not watching grown men permanently maiming themselves.
  9. Am I alone in not wanting Alex to see the field at all??? I really don't want him getting hurt!
  10. I think it's because he looks like Sunshine from remember the titans
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