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  1. rhyno

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    That's awesome that it is on NFLN at 730 tonight. That bodes VERY well for those of us counting on live streams. There is one on myp2p listed right now but it looks to be terrible quality and may or may not be there by the time the actual game is on. However, because it is on semi-nationally (thank you Time warner for refusing to carry NFLN), there SHOULD be plenty of feeds come game time. That site is usually pretty good at updating when new ones pop up as well.
  2. Amazing, this thread and the cult of colt thread were right next to each other. As long as this thread has been around and usually on the front page, the Colt thread has wice the posts and over 3x the views. Amazing..
  3. Monday night is my guess, at east for the first time..