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  1. I was thinking that too.. But there has been a big shift in guaranteed money over the last few years. We gave out huge contracts but not as much was guaranteed back in the day.
  2. I overheard the conversation with someone very close to source. The source hung up because Dan was on the other line. Again, I'm not sure how connected this source is to the organization and I'm assuming not very..
  3. Sorry for the late reply here.. Regarding the Dan Patrick rumor.. I know who is source is. This person does not have any close ties to the organization except perhaps to Rivera as I believe he does have some Carolina connections. I'm not sure where he would get his information from elsewise. My feeling is it could have been an intentional leak to drum things up a bit. I'm not going to say who the source is to protect his annonimity but I would say that if it was known, most would probably discount it due to where this individual works. Also, this person has no clue who the team po
  4. http://nfl.nbanewsnow.com/source-redskins-hire-former-panthers-coach-ron-rivera-national-football-league-news/ Not the most well known source but it's a source..
  5. That's awesome that it is on NFLN at 730 tonight. That bodes VERY well for those of us counting on live streams. There is one on myp2p listed right now but it looks to be terrible quality and may or may not be there by the time the actual game is on. However, because it is on semi-nationally (thank you Time warner for refusing to carry NFLN), there SHOULD be plenty of feeds come game time. That site is usually pretty good at updating when new ones pop up as well.
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