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  1. Well...adjustments were made today. Amazing what can happen when adjustments are made.
  2. You know the best part of today’s win for me...tomorrow...the only articles written about the team will be POSITIVE and nothing else for any other reason.
  3. I’m proud of the guys. Hell of a good start to the new era.
  4. I'm surprised nobody has either, but I think it's still a free country and people can think what they want. I'd rather he didn't tweet at all, but it's his choice. The insinuation that because he most likely has different political views than most of his players should or could be "called out" bothers me tremendously. I will leave it at that.
  5. this year I get it, but beyond that no way. The Washington Warriors or the Washington Red Wolves for me moving forward in that order.
  6. I have been mentally prepared for this for a long time. For me, at some point in the last couple of years I had an epiphany regarding the name. I vehemently defended the name on this board for a long time, and was proud to do so...but eventually it just became clear to me the argument was going to continue in perpetuity until the change was made. The people who are morally convinced that the name is bad were never going to change their minds or let it go. Right or wrong, it eventually wore me down and I was just done. I just want to watch winning football. The rebrand
  7. I also want to stress again, for me believing there was something wrong with the name “Redskins“ and understanding that the time had come for it to go are not the same thing. I still don’t think there is anything wrong with the term, or anything wrong with the “uneducated” Native Americans who supported the name. I feel for them most of all.
  8. Something that bugged me a lot that I read recently, was Bruce Allen having to give a PowerPoint presentation to the players on how to defend the name. The fact that they felt they had to do this speaks a lot about the kind of distraction this had become for the team. No other team in the NFL has to deal with that kind of crap. Winning in the NFL is hard enough without having to deal with dumb questions about the name of the team. I want our team concerned with one thing and one thing only. WINNING
  9. I would still love to see Warriors but I could also enjoy Red Wolves. I hope it’s one or the other in the long run.
  10. I agree. Not the way we know it to be anyhow. The name change was inevitable and the sport is inevitably going to become less violent also. We are already seeing this evolution.
  11. Honestly, this is probably the smart move. Take your time and get the full rebranding right. I’m ok with waiting.
  12. The reaction some have had in this thread reminds me of this Boogie Nights scene, lol. “You want it to happen but it’s not going to happen.” (Bad Language)
  13. The lawyer (I forget her name off hand) will ensure the policy is corrected. This kind of thing is exactly what she has been brought in to look at when you talk about analyzing an organizations operations. He will do what she tells him.
  14. Revealed to the world and possibly just revealed to Dan Snyder. The key to his surviving this as owner is what he did once he knew. If I have two subordinates and one is sexually harassing the other on a daily basis, but it never happens when I’m around, nobody tells me anything, and the victim never formally complains...I am in the clear. You can’t address what you don’t know about. Once it can be proved I have been told via formal complaint, and I take zero action to investigate or address the complaint...that’s when I get in trouble. The fact that their sexual hara
  15. The only reason he has been able to get away with that is because up until now there wasn’t a problem. Most businesses are reactive and not proactive when it comes to this kind of thing. ADA is another example, and it often takes somebody formally complaining to get anything done.
  16. Title VII of the Civil Rights act of 1964 applies across the board whether you manage a Dollar General or an NFL franchise. Most business owners, managers, and supervisors are well aware of the laws against sexual harassment in the work place and train their staff on a regular basis. I guarantee you when this is all over the Washington to be named will have a robust sexual harassment policy in place which will describe very clearly how to complain and to whom. There will be a designated EEOC in place as well. (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Representative)
  17. First paragraph, that’s absolutely fair. Second paragraph...perhaps... but Gibbs builds winners everywhere he goes. You don’t get to accomplish all he’s accomplished in his life to include NASCAR without being able to smell bull****.
  18. I will say this also, and then let it rest, because I don’t like that I have been forced into a position of defending Dan Snyder. He deserves a lot of criticism. Joe Gibbs always speaks highly of him. Joe Gibbs helped him hire Rivera last Winter. I doubt anybody here wants to question Joe Gibbs integrity.
  19. That’s debatable but it’s wrong either way. I won’t defend him from anything we know he has done.
  20. In America you are innocent until proven guilty. If you are going to ruin a man’s life over something like this you need proof. I’m not saying not look into it, and I’m not accusing Bibbs of lying either. I’m saying I don’t know and nobody else here does either. I get the hate for Snyder, believe me I do. Show me a video. Let me hear some audio. Otherwise it’s one man’s word against another.
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