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  1. @Football Zombie @Dissident2 I have read both your arguments repeatedly, and you have read mine as well. Put simply, I don't subscribe to your way of thinking on why Warriors can't be chosen. I simply can't, because if I do I will have lost faith completely in common sense and rational thinking. Society cannot continue on this path. There must be room for reasonable objective thought, logic, subtlety, nuance, and gray area.
  2. I know La Plata, in fact I know the guy who originally drew their mascot back in the 80’s, at least the big painted one in their gym anyway. I went to Thomas Stone in Waldorf, and La Plata was our biggest rival at the time. I still think their mascot is probably the coolest in the area. (Would never admit that to any of my friends that went there, lol) Warriors as Knights works for me. Heck, even Washington Knights works for me.
  3. Earlier today I posted two examples of “Warriors” logos that have no connection whatsoever to Native Americans. I’d be thrilled with either one. Switch out Warriors with “Bravehearts” and you can still use at least the first one with the sword and shield. Whether you want to admit it or not it can be done and there are plenty of cool Warriors logos out there that do not use Native American imagery whatsoever. Also, unless you have had a talk with reps from Golden State you have no idea what they are willing to do. They may be more willing to share than you realize. Especially since t
  4. and I believe that everyone who speaks out against Warriors believes that we would maintain a Native American link. They are talking about teams with the Warrior name that use Native American imagery. We would not do that. For the 1000 time, Warriors is not exclusive to Native Americans, and people can say what they want about Golden State but if the logo is a bridge than it’s not Native American. I will believe they will be forced to change their name when I see it despite what some may say.
  5. I refuse to believe that things have gone so ridiculously off the rails that a Warrior logo that does not feature a Native American and has no obvious links to Native Americans would still be offensive to Native Americans. I can’t believe we have become that soft. Designs like this have no connection whatsoever to Native Americans.
  6. Of those I like Griffins and Red Wolves. I don't have any issues with Red Wolves for a High School Mascot. Griffins are also used in heraldry pretty extensively. My English ancestors had armorial bearings with Griffins, so naturally I gravitate towards them.
  7. For me, the burgundy and gold colors are the connection to the team history. Also for me, "Redskins" were always Warriors. However, we can't use Native American imagery...so we don't. We use something that leaves subtle hints, but can't be directly tied to the old name. A spear that is not of Native American origin (and doesn't look like our old spear logo) is not Native American. I don't care who among them states "no spears." Just like Warriors, they don't hold a monopoly on spears either. Spears have been used since hunter-gatherers roamed the earth. We changed the name
  8. I'm fine with Wolves, just not Redwolves. The point I'm making is that if we are expected to believe that Warriors should have no chance at being the name whatsoever because most Warrior logos in the past used Native Americans (even if ours would not) it's just as ridiculous to say that Wolves have a spiritual connection to Native Americans and should not be used either. Both are a reach. We have to call the team something. I don't see how people could look at a Warrior logo with a roman helmet and with a straight face say...nope, still too Native American. That make
  9. I don't think either of us are listening at this point. If you expect me (and the team) to believe, that if they pick WARRIORS without any Native American imagery whatsoever, zero, zilch, nada that we are just asking for the protesting to recommence as if nothing at all has changed...I utterly refuse to do so. I can't believe people could be that daft. They were protesting a "dictionary defined racial slur" as they never let us forget remember? Warriors is not a dictionary defined racial slur. Native Americans do not hold a monopoly on the idea or term "Warriors" Historica
  10. Honestly, I don't think it's making new fans. I truly believe it's the same diehards relentlessly pushing than name. I would really love to know how well it's doing with the season ticket holders.
  11. Yes you do. You consistently make political/social comments that have no place in this thread or the Stadium. Several pages back you even told me I made a racist statement by insinuating that the Wolf was a sacred animal to Native American's and shouldn't be used for that reason. I mean if Warriors with no Native American imagery can still be offensive to Native Americans, than using Wolves can absolutely also be offensive because that animal is sacred to them. Division III college teams and semi-pro soccer teams using the name don't draw nearly as much attention to the name as the NFL tea
  12. I'm really not sure why you are repeatedly allowed to get away with this sort of thing. What do rednecks and civil war statues have to do with the topic at hand?
  13. If we are going to take that approach, that the name Warriors no matter what the logo looks like STILL conjures images of Native Americans...than we should also eliminate Redwolves and Wolves from the conversation... Native Americans's relationship with Wolves · Wild Wisconsin Wolves (omeka.net) "Origins and myths states that the wolf clan people came from water, when they reached shore, the wolves transformed into human beings." "Wolves mean a lot to the Native American community and it is a dominant role in the Ojibwe tribe. In the Ojibwe tribe creation
  14. If the team was to come out and say all names with "Red" in them are off the table...I swear on my ancestors I would never post in this thread again, lol.
  15. I tell you...for me at this point Washington Wolves or Washington Wolverines would being like holding the single winning ticket in the Powerball for me. I will take either one.
  16. I definitely don't want to delve into politics in the stadium, but this kind of cynical view of our country is something that is hard to just ignore. We have not always lived up to our ideals, but at least the groundwork for those ideals has been laid if not always followed. With our troubled past we have also had great triumphs. Putting a man on the moon. Storming the beaches at Normandy. Our system and way of life has allowed for some of the greatest advancements in the history of the world. I will leave it at that.
  17. I don't think Redwolves/Red Wolves, or RedWolves is ridiculous in and of itself. I don't think what you like is ridiculous. My opinion is worth no more or less than yours. I just don't think it's a good name choice for this team. The more I talk to people, I am also hearing more people tell me that they would be fine with just keeping Football Team. While I find that incredulous, I think that crowd is definitely larger than I originally believed. I think the reason for that is simple. Like me, they are terrified that something they despise will be picked and they would rather have nothi
  18. then tell me the name that checks all the boxes that the organization wants that doesn’t sound ridiculous. Redwolves doesn’t have any real connection to the area, and there is no real nod to the military either. I would take Sentinels any day regardless of the Replacements movie.
  19. Agreed, and for the record there was never a poll conducted scientifically that showed the majority of Native Americans or anything close to it had a problem with the name. I think there are many that definitely feel the way Koolblue has described, but to say “they” as if they all agreed on this is a real stretch. I have talked to some that are disappointed at best and devastated at worst the name was changed.
  20. and irrational reactions to those feelings. We go as the wind blows.
  21. Warriors can represent everyone and no one in particular...people can draw their own conclusions. For me, the Native American logo on the helmet always represented their Warrior class anyway. However, we can't use Native American imagery with the new brand...so we don't.
  22. Warriors are the heroes at Walter Reed. Warriors are the medical professionals saving lives at Georgetown. Warriors are the public safety personnel serving their communities in the DMV. Warriors are our active duty military personnel at Joint Base Andrews and Pax Naval Air Station among others. Our current coach Is a Warrior who fought his cancer battle and won. The elderly Veteran at the World War 2 Memorial is a Warrior. Alex Smith is a Warrior who overcame incredible odds to return to the field. Warriors were our legendary players who won Championships in Gibbs I. Our team wo
  23. Ultimately, their response to American Thrash, and it was a hell of a response.
  24. Nope, I'm a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock diehard... (partial to NWOBHM-New Wave of British Heavy Metal) and a HUGE fan of the Judas Priest album "Painkiller" I picked that name after initially going by "Resurrection" (the name of Rob Halford's comeback metal album from 2000 with his solo band...Halford) Painkiller (Judas Priest album) - Wikipedia Painkiller is the first Judas Priest album to feature drummer Scott Travis, who replaced long-time drummer Dave Holland in 1989. Travis was previously a member of Los Angeles band Racer X and with his heavy use of double kicks Travis
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