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  1. Gruden's winning percentage as head coach over 5 seasons, plus 3 games in 2019: 0.428 Bruce Allen's winning percentage as top executive with the Redskins over his tenure of 9 seasons, plus 3 games: 0.404 Bruce Allen's winning percentage as top executive with the Redskins when Gruden is NOT the head coach: 0.375 When Gruden is fired, will it be Bruce Allen who holds the press conference (with a straight face) to announce the firing of the coach with the better winning percentage? My guess is strong no... that seems like the perfect job for Doug Williams! Will any members
  2. Any chance they run a 4-3 on first downs & put both Payne & Settle on the field together in the middle w/ Allen & Ioannidis? Would be potentially formidable. Go ahead & run the ball. I dare you.
  3. Bump. Because it is really important that all 'Skins fans see this... multiple times. Seething hatred for all things Dallas. Die you Dallas dogs! Go 'Skins!!!!
  4. Here's another great one... this time from our beloved Dexter Manley The quote is from Dexter's new show. There are actually several other good quotes on Dexter's show... stuff about babies pooping need to bring their 'A' game. Here's a link to Dexter on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrpf0...layer_embedded I hope with all the new Skins this year that some effort has been made to help the newbies understand the importance of this thing. I want to see the Skins come out VERY physical! Punch Dallas in the mouth early & keep punching. God, I hate the Cowboys.
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