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  1. Any fellow Redskins fans in the Columbia, MD area want to meet up and watch UFC 205 at the Green Turtle? It should be an amazing night of fights, couple of my buddies are out of town so right now I am going alone to watch the fights.
  2. Sorry you sound like a serious McGregor fan boy. A slight graze will open up Nate with all the scar tissue he has. I give McGregor credit he had to fight perfect to squeak out a decision. The leg kicks set up his punching for the first 2 rounds, he had Nate thinking about them a lot. After that Nate said screw this and moved forward a lot more and pushed the pace. He need to work on his double leg take downs, one take down and McGregor was done. I think it was a great fight, a total war but McGregor talking all that smack and then running is classic! McGregor has great striking and a big count
  3. Tell me what I said was wrong? You have most people in here thing Diaz won, most people in the bar I was at thought diaz won. I thought it was a great fight, I would have given it a draw. It was a razor think margin, but to me the guy that almost won the fight twice beats a point fighter who was running. Octagon control is supposed to count! You have some people in here that think defending a take down wins you a round lol
  4. Everyone on earth should have known that when it went to the judges they would give it to McGregor. They had to have the 3rd fight! I had Nate 3-2 but I am a Nate fan, I would have no problem with a draw. 1 more min in round 3 and McGregor would have been out, same in round 5. McGregor was never going to finish Nate, I will give him credit he had a good game plan with the leg kicks. But he talked all that crap about knocking out Nate and then he becomes a point fighter and ran most of the 2nd half of the fight. Biggest weakness of the Diaz brothers is leg kicks and not being able to get take d
  5. If they stop the fight due to some lame cut there is going to be a riot! But I can see the UFC hoping that is what happens so they can milk the fans for a 3rd fight. Only way I see McGregor winning is landing a miracle punch like Bisping did to win the title. Diaz just has to many ways to win, better cardio, worlds better on the ground, reach, and a better chin.
  6. Anyone watch the Bellator fight tonight between Carvalho vs. Manhoef? That was the worst Championship fight I have ever seen in my life watching MMA. 1 kick landed by Manhoef in the first round only strike landed by either fighter! Manhoef dominated in the extremely little action, Carvalho did almost nothing the entire fight. Then to top it off one of the worst decision I have ever seen, split decision for Carvalho! Fans booed the entire fight, the was completely embarrassing for MMA as a sport and as usual the judges are a joke as well! Carvalho maybe landed 10 to 15 strikes the entire fight,
  7. Like I said that is my dream finish for Diaz. But Conor showed only an average at best ground game against Mendes. Mendes took him down at will and was winning the first 2 rounds. Conor only got up when Mendes went for the choke, bad move by Mendes because he was winning and doing damage on top. Diaz will own Conor on the ground if it goes there, but that is the big question. I am not even sure Diaz wants to go to the ground, he might just want to go toe to toe and see what happens. I respect Conor's striking but so far I have seen nothing on the ground from him at all that is impressive. Cono
  8. This is my dream ending for the fight tonight!! Diaz locks in the triangle and give Conner the 2 fingers while talking trash to him! I would love to see Conner have to choose between going to sleep and tapping to Diaz. I think a tap out would be better than a KO, Diaz would be talking mad smack about making him quit in the cage. Bring some Ninja **** tonight Nate!
  9. Star Wars PS4 my name is Reeseman, just started playing online last night, Love this game! HIt me up if you see me online.
  10. My GOD boxing is so boring, there was like 3min of action in that entire fight! Floyd is a great Def fighter but to say this is the fight of the century is a joke. After watching MMA, boxing is unwatchable now, jab jab hold boring snoozefest.
  11. To all the climate change deniers please watch Season 3 ep 1 of Vice on HBO. You will see real science and the real effects of climate change happening right now. It is already too late the oceans are rising and there is nothing we can do to stop the damage that has already happened. Best we can do is prevent it from getting much worse! It is amazing that we have a major group in the government that doesn't even believe in science or is just flat out bought out by oil and gas! After 15 years of increasingly definitive scientific studies attesting to the reality and significance of global c
  12. Thanks for the advice, I checked the settings and it was set on HDMI and I am still having the problems. I did one initial system update like 2 weeks ago when I first turned on the PS4 to set it up, haven't seen any new ones since then. Guess I will have to take back the PS4, not much fun moving the puck up the ice for a breakaway or 2 on 1 and the screen goes black for 3sec!! I thought you had to have the disc in to play the game am I wrong about this? I took the disc out and it wouldn't play, did I not download the game correct or do you need the disc in to play? Thanks for the help gu
  13. Looking for some help from the PS4 guys. I just bought a PS4 on black friday for my son and me. The only game I have right now is NHL 15. So we started playing the game and there have been a bunch of video and sound drop outs during game play. The audio with pop and the screen will go to black from 1 to 5 sec, which makes playing a sports game terrible. I tried using my PS3 HDMI cord and it still does it so it isn't the HDMI. It is in the same video input on the same TV and I never had this problem on my PS3. Anyone else have this problem on NHL15 or their PS4? I really don't think it is the g
  14. Anyone watch the MNF game with the entire KC Chiefs stadium doing that lame tomahawk chop chat just like the Braves do all the time? Where is the outrage from the media and PC police for what seems like an offensive mocking of native Americans? There were also plenty of people in the crowd dressed in native Americans costumes and head dresses. The media and the offended minority of native Americans don't seem to have much to say about these other teams and only focus on the Redskins name!!!!! Where is the outrage of Wise, Bob Costas and the rest of the media? I personally think the Cleveland I
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