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  1. I don't remember that, but I do remember Kenny Houston getting knocked out after intercepting a ball against Dallas. He was carted off the field with the ball still in his hands.
  2. Mental issues? Concussion problems? Maybe, but Sua had issues in college that were very apparent to his coaches and teammates. I'll provide one scenario. Sua wants to wear a gold towel as part of his uniform. One of the coaches tells him that is not an approved part of the uniform for this game. Sua's response: If I can't wear this towel, I'm not playing. Coach: I gues you're not playing today. Sua: Oh, I'm playing, He was just a whiny arrogant kid and it appears he couldn't adjust to life in the NFL,
  3. Most teams run a personel of 3WR, 1RB and 1TE. In order to match up with that personnel, we counter with a 4-2-5. If we use a 4-3 defense, they get a mismatch with the slot receiver. We only use a 3-4 if the opponent lines up with a FB or 2 TEs. When we had Cravens, we could line him up at LB and he could cover the slot or the TE, we dont have a linebacker like that on this team. When we were able to put our 3-4 defense on the field, we played the run and pass pretty well last year. But we rarely had that defense on the field.
  4. If Crowder is the number 1 target, he will open up other receivers. This is a great thing to happen.
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