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  1. I just logged on to my redskins ticket account manager and noticed that the 2014 season tickets are now listed. The Good: No price increase over last year. The Bad:They still charge the ridiculous $25 handling. The Ugly: Ironically (or not so ironically), the invoice is due on April Fool's day... Can't wait to see the Rams, Titans, and Jags come marching into FedEx Field...we may actually win a few of those games.
  2. They told me this yesterday as well...bummer.
  3. I'd agree with this. When I get an email from the Redskins offering me additional tickets and I can add 2 seats in my same section (428) and at the same time they're ripping out more seats, I have to think that there will still be some movement and RG3 hasn't had much effect on ticket sales to date.
  4. renewed today. the TO offered to allow me to put 10% down and pay the balance at the end of the lockout. seemed like a fair deal.
  5. i got a voicemail from the TO yesterday saying they would be giving my tickets to someone else via auto upgrade if I didn't pay my invoice. I am UL 428 row 19. If I cared, that might scare me into paying, but after last season and the outlook for next season, I just cant justify $1800 on tickets for a league that might not even have a season this year.
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