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  1. Cam is done. He doesn't have the elusive running anymore and he was never a great pocket passer.
  2. He definitely may have been driving the point home today to address what is needed to win. I mean...Heinicke was a 200% improvement over Haskins immediately. I dont know if Heinicke is actually good yet, but he earned a spot on the team way more than Haskins.
  3. He will fail. We would be better of starting Montez and seeing what we have in him. Dwayne is not salvageable. He simply wont be a starting level QB in the NFL ever.
  4. I agree with this. Its not outside of the realm of possibility that a really good NFL QB wins a SB if we shore up the secondary and get some more strength at OL. Haskins though.....Sorry ready to move on. He was a mistake and not part of what Rivera is building going forward. He wants to be a backup, that's fine. Just not for this team because of the Round 1 pretense and we drafted him. Draft a late Round 1 if needed but Alex is just fine for now. Nothing wrong with a rookie learning behind Alex at all.
  5. In the end it doesnt matter what we think. I hope for the best with Haskins. I hope to see him step up and show he can be a better than average QB. No one here has seen that yet. He will only get so many chances and then the team/coaches will turn on him. I do not have a lot of hope that Haskins will work out right now. I definitely would not bet money on it.
  6. My concern with Haskins is the inaccuracy. That is not commonly "fixed". Some of the passes he threw were not difficult for most of the NFL level QBs that resulted in picks. Any QB can do dumpoffs and short passes and pad stats for success. I have seen Haskins miss Terry a LOT for sure TDs. Every part of me wants him to be great because I dont want to go through this again. However, I dont truly believe he will last the season as the starter. He doesnt have it. RG3 before he was snakebit and scared was a much more accurate passer and he was a rookie. Haskins is in his make or fade into n
  7. Not sure I agree on talent evaluation. I see a lot of good young players on this team. I also see a team COMPLETELY LOST on schemes on Defense. I see Josh Norman playing 12 yards deep on a 3rd and 5. I see the entire defense completely confused on a goal line play. I see some truly bone headed playcalling on Offense. I do not blame the personnel. Case Keenum was $7 million for a reason. The type of pressure and play calling he was going to turn the ball over 5 times. This was a team completely and totally unprepared to play. I wondered if they even watched
  8. I don't think I could say that any better. Porter has made 1 good play. Other than that he has hardly even seen the field. Lauvao is either injured or letting someone through. Clark I have seen a lot....everytime there is a big pass downfield he is the one who was supposed to help over the top. Skins have bigger problems than GM though. In all honesty looking back at the offseason it should have been known this was not going to be a good season with the drought of roster additions in recent years with draft picks. -Safety (free and strong) has been a black hole for a long time. -Oli
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