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  1. OK NFCE Summary for 2020 so far.

    The Redskins (WTF/WFT) only win is against the 1-4-1 Eagles.

    The Giants only win is against the 1-5 Redskins (WTF/WFT).

    The Eagles only win is against the JV 49ers team missing half their starters. (Add in a tie to the 1-4-1 Bengals).

    The Cowboys only wins were against the Falcons and the Giants... both teams which went 0-5 before their first wins this week.

    Next week is Cowboys vs Redskins (WTF/WFT) and Giants vs Eagles. Would it be only fitting if both games end in a tie? Too bad all 4 teams couldn't come away with a loss somehow.

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  2. Maybe, find the true value around the league of DH by placing him on the practice squad and making Steven Montez #3 QB and see which teams bite at poaching DH from the practice squad. (I joke... kind of).


    I doubt DH has any trade value, even a late round flyer from another team at this point.

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