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  1. So fitting that was on Norman...
  2. HA, here comes the Fitz... its gonna be tied... and we lose on Keenum safety in OT
  3. BUT this should have been the game to start Haskins.
  4. maybe Keenum is fully in on the tank now? that was putrid
  5. this game needs to end in a tie.
  6. what happened to the "brilliant" blitzing by Manure'sky?
  7. I want the Vikings to win... but i feel that Cousin's will somehow goof this one away (fumble recovery for TD or something to lose)
  8. Terry would have 8-10 TDs already this year with a real QB
  9. coach didnt even have a red flag in his pocket... lol
  10. she's 0-9 on the year... but she'll get her first win today
  11. hahaha.. 20-21 yards in 1st quarter
  12. this really is the ideal game for haskins to have started... unless you wanted to lose with case